Friday, February 11, 2011

Floors, Ceilings and MLB Likelihoods for over 5000 Minor

I posted a table that has a ton of the research that I have compiled and assigned to 5256 players in the minor leagues. It is a bit ugly but you can find it here.

To find a player, hit ctrl+f and search. It will find the player and you can scroll over to see his numbers.
Below the table is a description of what the numbers mean. I have spent thousands of hours compiling, studying and assigning numbers. I am not going to give all my information away for free, but this is a taste of what I have. I hope some of it fascinates you and is useful to you.


  1. how does the chance to majors talent statistic wind up over 100 percent for numerous players. Statistically speaking that is impossible

  2. Anything over 100 means the stats used were above major league average. The best MLB players are over 140%, which means they can regress considerably and still be MLB players. Any player over 80% has a chance to make an MLB contribution.