Monday, February 21, 2011

The Complexity of Being a Baseball Prospector

So there are about 300 or so Division I teams, 230 or so Division II teams and I honestly don't know how many Division III, Junior colleges and other programs are out there. There are also 243 minor league teams including the short season leagues. This also includes the Venezuelan and Dominican Summer Leagues. Once you breach that 18 year old barrier in the pro ranks, you should really look at 16 year olds in the States as well. Well that brings into account who knows how many schools scattered across the nation. How can anyone, or any organiztion for that matter, keep track of all of these players? It is so hard, next to no one even tries. I want to make it easier.
I want people to have the information that a prospect that may play in AA this season and is on most exerts top 100 list is only 2/3 of a year older than one of the most highly touted high schoolers in this draft. A player like Fernando Martinez has been written off most prospect lists, but last year would have been his draft year if he had been an american player that chose to play in college. Imagine the hype behind someone like Yasmani Grandal if he had stepped into AAA and put up the numbers the FMart did last season. He has been around so long, it's easy to forget who he should compared to. Travis Snider is only a year older than Vanderbilt OF Aaron Westlake. It's easy to forget these things, or to not know them at all.

My goal in the future is to provide these tiers and this informatino to you so you won't need to scour for hours to find out this information. I want to be your go to resource. Look for it in the coming weeks. It won't be 100% immediately but it will be a work in progress.

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