Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prelude to the top 2000 prospects

Each year for the last 3 years, usually in late February, I have done a top 2000(or so) prospect list. This season I have much more knowledge on the minors leagues than I have the past and I am putting this list out much earlier to quench the thirst of all you prospect fans. The more time I spend on this, the more I get to know these players. This season I am using my formula, similar to years past, as an integral part of my rankings. I also added a weighted system based on a players floor and ceiling. I am not going to post each players ratings as it would take up way too much room. I do have them available in a .pdf format that is available to you. If you are interested in seeing some, please read here.
I am to the point that there are very few players in the minors leagues I don't know about. If there are, I can look at his statistical profile and get a good feeling about what type of player he is. Enough about that. Here is what you want to see:

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