Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gauging the Signings so far

With the system I created, it gives me a salary figure that would be a fair price to pay a free agent. It is often going to be less than what a player actually gets, but it can gauge if a team is ridiculously overpaying.

Here are some of the numbers:
Name Contract My Value
Carl Crawford 142.00 81.86
Jayson Werth 126.00 64.38
Adam Dunn 56.00 63.84
Derek Jeter 51.00 59.42
Victor Martinez 50.00 63.70
Cliff Lee 66.00
Carl Pavano 39.35

Not overly accurate. I still have some work to do to get it more accurate, but it shows that Jayson Werth got paid more than he should have and Adam Dunn is a steal.
I think Pavano will get overpaid, that's why I posted him as well. To Yankees fans, Jeter still is worth paying, I don't care what everyone else says about the guy.

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