Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rule 5 Draft

This season's rule 5 draft is more prospect heavy than it has been the last couple years to me.
Aneury Rodriguez, P, TB had good control and put up good results while being young for his league. His strikeouts could increase with time and I really like him as a potential pick.
Jose Pirela, SS, NYY showed he could hit the ball to the gaps and run and was still young for the Florida State League. I think he could hit enough to be the last player on a roster if someone is looking for a future SS.
Luis Jimenez, 3B, LAA could hit enough to play part time at 3B and could have enough bat to hit a few extra base hits.
Billy Rowell, OF/1B/3B, BAL was a 1st round pick that got Barry Bonds comparisons out of high school and still has big power. He just can't hit the ball frequently. He is likely relegated to 1B but could play in the OF a little and still has potential. I don't believe he can be a future big league regular, but if anyone has all-star potential in this group, it could be him.
The Astros have 3 players I like available. Collin Delome, OF, could be a Russell Branyan type player. He has a good bat and solid power but has contact issues. He could even steal a few bases and play decent defense in LF. Jose Altuve is a really short 2B. He has good contact ability and has alwasy held his own while being young for his league. I don't think he's ready to play in the majors, but I like him. Koby Clemens is a 1B/3B/C. He is versatile enough to play a few positions and has the bat for any of then. He won't hit for a high average but he can hit it a long way. I think he is mature enough to make the jump to the majors and be a decent bench player.
Ryan Adams, 2B/3B, BAL probably will be relegated to 2B defensively
but he could be an average offensive 2B in the majors. He is definately worth a pick in the draft. I am intrigued to see if he gets picked.
Wynn Pelzer, P, BAL came over for Miguel Tejada but was left unprotected by the O's. He could be a good bullpen arm to be used in long relief and used as a spot starter sometimes.
Brad Meyers, P, WSH has had some success but is a pitchability guy and I don't know if his stuff will work at the big league level.
Matt McBride, C/OF, CLE could pay dividends. He can hit and is not a bad defensive catcher. If a team needed a backup catcher, he could get picked.
I've always liked Dallas Buck, P, CIN but he hasn't returned to his pre-tommy john form.
Jim Negrych, 2B, PIT can hit. Not for power but he can hit. He can play an acceptable 2B and could get a chance. He's a personal favorite.
Brad Emaus, 2B and Mark Hallberg could fit in this mold as well.
There are quite a few guys who have superb control but not a lot to go along with it. I posted a link to a pdf from my database of most of the players in the Rule 5 draft. I missed a few, but not a lot.
You can scan where there skills rate on the 20-80 scale(or off it in some cases). I have most of their vital info, where they were drafted, where they project, their potential value, etc.
I don't have a legend for this posted but here is what the floor/ceiling ratings mean:
Hitters Pitchers
10 All-time great All-time great
9 Superstar Ace
8 Occasional All-Star #1 or #2, Closer
7 Starter-Solid Regular #3-5, Setup man
6 Part-time player swingman/ 7th inning guy
5 bench warmer 12th pitcher
4 top level minor leaguer top level minor leaguer
3 middle level minor leaguer middle level minor leaguer
2 low level minor leaguer low level minor leaguer
1 won't last long won't last long

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