Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Minor League Free Agents

Baseball America compiled a list of all of the minor league free agents. Some of the names are recognizable to average fans. Carlos Delgado, Dontrelle Willis, Daniel Cabrera and others who have been major leaguers for varying lengths of time. None of these guys are going to be big pieces for a team, but some of these guys could be on big league rosters and help out.

Here are some that my work has brought to light:

Hainley Statia, SS, could be a solid utility guy in the majors with his glove. He hasn't hit a great deal and is not a speedster, but he's better than paying Nick Punto $5 million.

Marcos Vechionacci, 3B, has always been a good defender at the hot corner, and isn't a poor hitter. He hasn't hit enough to be an MLB 3B, but I think he has the potential to hit enough extra base hits to hold a big league roster spot. He k's too much and his biggest flaw is his health. He is rarely healthy enough to even take the field, but he could pay off for a team that would give him a shot. He could be a Casey McGehee type player if it works out.

RHP James Barthmaier has had injury concerns but once had one of the best curveballs in the minors.

Utility player Scharlon Schoop could fill in at just about any position defensively and that is valuable. That is the vast majority of his value though.

A few others:
Angel Salome, C, was a prospect a few years ago but has stalled out. If his bat gets going, he could be a reserve catcher or a pinch hitter. Pitcher Al Albequerque was a top prospect within the last couple years, mostly because his fastball can reach 99, but hasn't done a lot else. OF Byron Wiley has a lot of tools, but hasn't put it together yet. He has some upside.

There are many guys out there who could help out in the bullpen, potentially. My system predicts that these guys could have MLB value:
Eddie Morlan
Polin Trinidad
Clevan Santeliz
Jose Quintana
Jackson Quezada
James Parr
Blake Jackson

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