Monday, November 29, 2010

MiLB Prospects Reports to help you win in your fantasy league.

As you guys know, I hope, I have been working on a database of players and rankings for a few years now. This year I posted a report featuring the Futures Game Roster and information on each of the players in it. This was the first version of my report. I have adapted it a little an recently I posted the Rule 5 Draft Report
featuring many of the players available in the Rule 5 draft. They aren't the best prospects in baseball but there are better ones this year than last year.

That is the most recent version of my database and I would like to make this available to you guys. I've put in thousands of hours on compiling this information so I can't offer it for free. My plan is to offer specialized reports to give you more in depth information about the players that you are interested in. You send me a list, and I'll send you a .pdf report on the players that you want. If you want the top 20 propsects for your favorite team, or the top 100 starting pitchers, I can do that too. If you are a fantasy player and want a ranking of your top prospects or players who are available in your draft, I can do that to.
I will only charge $0.10 per player, so if you want a report of 50 players, it'll cost $5. If you want a larger number of players, I can do that as well and would be willing to lower the cost. Below are the links to the top prospects for each team and the best prospects at each position to help you with compiling a list of who you want to know more about. I have major leaguers available as well. I have a total of 6780 in my database that I can create reports on.

If you are interested email me at and let me know who you want reported on. I will take payment via paypal only. To order, email me the list. On the right is the donate paypal button. Click on it and enter the amount due for the report. Hit donate and you should recieve the report within a few days.

Thank you all for you're support and if there are any other requests, just ask.

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