Saturday, October 16, 2010

Updated 2011 follow list and other notes

I now have over 2300 players on the list. I have been sorting thru trying to rank them but it is slow.
I will have a good follow list by January, I think. I'm also working on team ratings, positional ratings and then the top 2000 for this season. This year I've added more to my formula. There are so many weighs to weight results and I have yet to find one that works for me. I have created a few numbers from past performances to filter players that have the skills to be major leaguers. I also created a realistic value based on these skills and the players level to determine the chance of a player becoming a major leaguer. I also have a percentage value whether a player reaches their ceiling, if they make the majors. Each player will get their own page filled with statistical informaiton and as I go thru, I am adding some notes to players. Not everyone will get a write up, but a lot will.


  1. Awesome, Matt! If you need anyone to do grunt work and help out, I might be willing. I'm an underwriter and actuary by day so I play with numbers, game theory, and loads of data all day long. Just thought I'd offer in the event you ever need it.

    brendonscollins at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks for the offer Brendon. I'll keep it in mind, but most of the grunt work is done already. Now I'm just doing my "scouting" to finish off my ratings.

  3. I noticed on the 2011 list you have Casey Fithian as a 2011. He's a 2012.