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Top 2000 prospects by the numbers

Before you tear into me too much, this is a flawed list if you are looking for the best prospects in baseball as Bryce Harper among others aren't on it. Some of these guys have graduated as well, but I have yet to update that. This is a statistical evaluation of players how they performed compared to their league. This is based on a ton of research to find out which skills a player needs to have to be a future MLB PLAYER not a superstar. I have advanced my formula this year to a much more accurate level in my opinion.
This list does not take into account ANY factors other than age and statistics. Nothing based on draft status, bonus, tools, ability, potential...nothing. I essentially copy the players stat line from Baseball Reference and paste it into the formulas to come up with one overall value.
Later this off season I am going to do a version factoring all kinds of information above and beyond this, but I have some work to do on that yet. That will be the last list I post in sp…

I'm working on doing more writing for the site

instead of just posting lists. I'm not good at pumping out words. I am pretty new to it and the only experience I have is a low level composition class I took in 2000, so I'm a little rusty. I did get an A in it though.

Right now I am working on far and away my biggest article I've ever written. It's at about 4000 words now and it should be 6500 words or so when I'm done. I've contemplated breaking it into two sections but we'll see. It all depends on how well I keep going. I have several good ideas for articles. I would hope this first one will go up by the end of the weekend.
The second article won't be nearly as long or as interesting but if they get a good reception, I'll keep it up. If not, I'll just keep posting lists.

Updated 2011 follow list and other notes

I now have over 2300 players on the list. I have been sorting thru trying to rank them but it is slow.
I will have a good follow list by January, I think. I'm also working on team ratings, positional ratings and then the top 2000 for this season. This year I've added more to my formula. There are so many weighs to weight results and I have yet to find one that works for me. I have created a few numbers from past performances to filter players that have the skills to be major leaguers. I also created a realistic value based on these skills and the players level to determine the chance of a player becoming a major leaguer. I also have a percentage value whether a player reaches their ceiling, if they make the majors. Each player will get their own page filled with statistical informaiton and as I go thru, I am adding some notes to players. Not everyone will get a write up, but a lot will.