Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Venezuelan Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
Some repeats from last season in Eugenio Suarez, Ivan Ramirez and Omar Narvaez. That's not a good thing, because players should progress rapidly past this phase.
Last years #1 prospect, Erasmo Ramirez, had a very good season in the Midwest League this season. Many others moved up to the Gulf Coast League and continued their development. Here is this seasons Top 40 prospects from the VSL.

1. Reynaldo Torreyes, H, CIN
2. Osmel Morales, P, SEA
3. Breyvil Valera, H, STL
4. Felipe Burin, H, SEA
5. Alexy Palma, H, SEA
6. Jose Ozuna, H, PIT
7. Ivan Ramirez, H, SEA
8. Vicente Campos, P, SEA
9. Humberto Valor, H, CIN
10. Miguel Brito, H, SEA
11. Omar Narvaez, H, TB
12. Willians Astudillo, H, PHI
13. Luis Gonzalez, P, CIN
14. Luis Wilches, P, TB
15. Eli Echarry, P, TB
16. Jose Paez, H, TB
17. Jem Argenal, H, STL
18. Jesus Ustariz, H, DET
19. Felipe Rivero, P, TB
20. Ulises Montilla H PIT
21. Oscar Hernandez, H, TB
22. Eugenio Suarez, H, DET
23. Erick Soto, H, DET
24. Jose Soledad, H, DET
25. Julio Morillo, H, CIN
26. Rusbel Farinez, H, CIN
27. Argenis Aldazoro, H, CIN
28. Rosmel Fajardo, H, PHI
29. Oswaldo Mieres, P, CIN
30. Orlando Castro, P, PIT
31. Leopoldo Correa, H, TB
32. Daniel Mata, P, SEA
33. David Lizardo, H, DET
34. Alejandro Chacin, P, CIN
35. Jose Flores, P, SEA
36. Yimmy Lopez, H, CIN
37. Wilmer Oberto, H, PHI
38. Gabriel Tenia, H, DET
39. Carlos Posso, H, SEA
40. Jose Rodriguez, P, DET

This is the first of my league prospect lists and the one I am the least confident in. The Dominican Summer League will be next and I'll work my way up through the Minors.

edited 9-16-2010 missed Torreyes. Had him in AZL.

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