Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Bats May Alter the College Game

I just read an article by Aaron Fitt over at Baseball America talking about the new bats that will be used in Division I baseball this year. It's causing some controversy because it will likely decrease the offense in games.
The main reason it's being done is for safety, which I agree with. As a former pitcher, one of the reasons I didn't continue to play after high school was the ridiculous pop in aluminum bats. I was hit by a lot of comebackers, it's part of the game. Most of the time it left a little bruise and didn't hurt much but if it would have hit me in the head, it would have been a different story. Once, I was fielding a bunt, or what was supposed to be a bunt from about 40 feet and I had seam marks on my chest and a baseball sized bruise for over a week. If it would have been a foot higher, I may not be here. This could have happened with wood, but I think any time a sport is adjusted to be more like the pro version, I think it's a good idea.
It may decrease homers but good hitters will still hit. It may just make hitters hit for gaps instead of for the fences and improve their game a few years quicker than they have to if they continue into pro ball.

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