Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Houston Astros Shadow Draft

If I owned the Astros and was the GM, this is what I would have done. I say owned, because GM's have to follow a budget. If I were owner, this goes without seeing the financial statements for the club, I would take a loss this season to turn the franchise around.
I think a lot of teams put thier money into the MLB team, which makes sense, but when a team is futile on the field as Pittsburgh and KC and others have been for so long, sometimes you need to do something drastic to turn this around.
While I was doing this, I was not thinking about money really, but looking at it now, the Astros Payroll was projected to be $10 million less than last season. The trades of Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman open up at least $30 million of salary over the next 2 years. They didn't get a lot prospect wise in the trades, so why not invest it in the future of the team.
As the Owner, I would seriously anger MLB by doing this, but I would open the checkbook in this draft and send out press releases as I agreed to terms with the players hoping MLB would approve them to get the AB's and IP in pro ball. I would give myself a new start in my farm system and hopefully give my franchise a better future without completely burning my bridge with MLB. I am investing the revenue sharing money, so I am going along with them in one way, and ignoring them in another.
While I was doing this draft, I was not thinking about money really, but looking at it now, the Astros Payroll was projected to be $10 million less than last season. The trades of Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman open up at least $30 million of salary over the next 2 years. They didn't get a lot prospect wise in the trades, so why not invest it in the future of the team. So my draft budget will be between 13 and 26 Million, depending on who would sign. This I will never know, but it's just an idea of what a team could do if the wanted to be renegades.

The reason I didn't post this at the time of the draft is purely selfish. I am in 2 fantasy leagues that have drafts that go 35 rounds deep. This would have showed my hand too much as silly as that sounds.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Round pick diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Dylan Covey will not sign with the Brewers and will attend the University of San Diego where he can stay closer to home and learn to live with the disease. It isn't a disease that can be cured by taking a pill or even chemo like cancer. It is a life long disease that will cause a lifestyle change. Only 5-10% of Diabetics have type 1 or juvenile diabetes.
Type 1 Diabetes should really have a different name. Most poeple think that diabetes is a disease of the fat, overweight and lethargic. That's type II diabetes, not anywhere near the same disease. It causes a similar symotom, that is all. It is not known what causes the disease but it is caused by the failure of the pancreas and can be fatal. I am thankful Covey had the bloodowork done during his physical and I hope it is very early on in the onset. From here on Covey will likely have to wear an insulin pump and stab himself routinely to insert sites to pump in insulin along with checking his blood. It is not something that makes it impossible to succeed though. Brandon Morrow recently proved that.
This is something near to me, as my wife has had Type I since she was 1.5 years old. I met her 3.5 years ago and it has changed my life. I respect anyone who can succeed with diabetes because it is something you can never take a break from.

I wish Covey all the best and hope he has a great run at USD and can repeat his 1st round status in 3 years. More can be found here at Baseball Beginnings about Covey's situation.
If you are interested in helping find a cure for this disease, please go to the Children's Diabetes Foundation and donate..

Signing deadline day

The Red Sox have opened the check book and made their very deep farm system even deeper. Garin Cecchini signed for 1.31 million. He was a sure fire 1st rounder until he tore his ACL this spring. Brandon Workman had a very good season for Texas this spring and signed for 800k. Sean Coyle looked like he would be heading to UNC, but he receved 1.3 million and signed on the line. They also signed their 8th rounder Matt Price, who I thought would go back to Virginia Tech. They also signed their 11th rounder Lucas Leblanc.
There have been many other overslot signings. Luke Jackson to Texas and Tyrell Jenkins to St. Louis in the supplemental round were well over slot. Jenkins was a QB recruit at Baylor.
Washington has had a great week signing Sammy Solis and AJ Cole to deals that were 1 and 2 million respectively. Now they need to decide on how much to pay Bryce Harper. He will sign, the question is what kind of deal. He may get a 4 year MLB deal worth 8 million or so along with a 7 or 8 million dollar signing bonus. Those are just guesstimates though.
Marcus Littlewood just signed with Seattle for 900k. Justin Grimm received 825k from Texas as a 5th rounder. He had an inconsistent season at Georgia this spring and fell from first round consideration due to that, but he still got paid well based on his live arm and potential.
Besides Barret Loux, I think everyone in the first 2 rounds will sign including the LSU QB recruit Zach Lee as he skipped football practice today. Stetson Allie will probably get the highest bonus in the 2nd round, maybe 2.5-3 million. Nick Castellanos in the supplemental round may get 3.5-4 million.
I don't think Ryne Stanek in the 3rd round will sign. In the 4th, Austin Wood may head to USC to pitch after a solid Cape Cod season. Matt Grimes looks to be on his way to Georgia Tech instead of signing. Dickie Thon may get 7 figures in the 5th round, but I can't wrap my head around that one. He seems like a 250k guy to me, at most although Connor Narron received 650k and I see them as similar talents.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2011 draft eligible High Schoolers

This is a big week for the 2011 draft eligible high schoolers. The Area Code Games held in Long Beach, started on Thursday. These teams have some of the best high school players from across the nation facing each other.
Coming up on Saturday the 14th, some of these players will be playing at Wrigley Field in the Under Armour game. On Sunday the 15th, more of the best players in high school ball will be playing in the Aflac All American game at Petco in San Diego.
Last year, this is where I got some of my best looks at the high school picks that just went in the 2010 draft. Where Jamison Taillon cemented his spot at the top of the draft and Bryce Harper, oh wait, he sucked in that game.
It will be interesting to see who distinguishes themselves as the elite players eligible for the 2011 draft.