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An early version of the Top 50 prospects for 2011 Draft

Rank Name Last Name , POS , Schools
1 Anthony Rendon , 3B , Rice
2 Matt Purke , LHP , Texas Christian
3 Gerrit Cole , RHP , UCLA
4 Taylor Jungmann , RHP , Texas
5 Sonny Gray , RHP , Vanderbilt
6 Daniel Norris , LHP , Science Hill HS, Johnson City, Tenn.
7 Travis Harrison , OF/3B , Tustin (Calif.) HS
8 Christian Lopes , SS , Edison HS, Huntington Beach, Calif.
9 Jackie Bradley , OF , South Carolina
10 Trevor Bauer , RHP , UCLA
11 Dylan Bundy , RHP , Owasso (Okla.) HS
12 Archie Bradley , RHP , Muskogee (Okla.) HS
13 Dwight Smith , OF , McIntosh HS, Peachtree City, Ga.
14 Dillon Howard , RHP , Searcy (Ark.) HS
15 Dillon Maples , RHP , Pinecrest HS, Southern Pines, N.C.
16 Alex Meyer , RHP , Kentucky
17 Henry Owens , LHP , Edison HS, Huntington Beach, Calif.
18 Jack Armstrong , RHP , Vanderbilt
19 Harold Martinez , 3B , Miami
20 Bubba Starling , RHP , Gardner Edgerton HS, Gardner, Kan.
21 Danny Hultzen , LHP , Virginia
22 Joshua Tobias , 3B , Southeast Guilford Greensboro NC
23 Dante Bichette , SS , Orangewood Christian, FL
24 Ricky Oropesa , 3B , Southern California
25 Brett Mooneyham , LHP , Stanford
26 Joe Ross , P , Bishop O'Dowd HS, CA
27 Deshorn Lake , RHP , Menchville HS, Newport News, Va.
28 Christian Montgomery , RHP , Lawrence Central HS, Indianapolis
29 Zach Cone , OF , Georgia
30 Michael Kelly , RHP , West Boca HS
31 Jason Esposito , 3B , Vanderbilt
32 Mikie Mahtook , OF , Louisiana State
33 Logan Verrett , RHP , Baylor
34 Noe Ramirez , P , Cal State Fullerton
35 Preston Tucker , 1B , Florida
36 Matt Barnes , RHP , Connecticut
37 Levi Michael , 2B , North Carolina
38 B.A. Vollmuth , SS , Southern Mississippi
39 Mitchell Lambson , LHP , Arizona State
40 Alex Dickerson , OF , Indiana
41 Alex Panteliodis , LHP , Florida
42 Daniel Camarena , LHP/CF , Cathedral Catholic HS CA
43 Taylor Dugas , OF , Alabama
44 George Springer , OF , Connecticut
45 Francisco Lindor , SS , Montverde (Fla.) Academy
46 Andrew Suarez , LHP , Columbus HS, Miami
47 Tyler Beede , RHP , Lawrence Academy Auburn MA
48 John Stilson , rhp , Texas A&M
49 Tyler Greene , SS , Roswell (Ga.) HS
50 Nick Ramirez , 1B , Cal State Fullerton


  1. As I see these guys more, they may move up and down. I haven't seen a lot of the high school guys much so this is a very early version and could change a lot but here goes.

  2. Aman Reaka (@bkmhoxx)July 6, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    Nice list Matt. My only main difference would be Matt Barnes. He is top 15 for me, maybe even higher.

  3. Thanks Aman. I appreciate that. Barnes is pretty much a one pitch guy. It worked for Wojo this year and if he figures stuff out, he could be top 10.

  4. Aman Reaka (@bkmhoxx)July 12, 2010 at 10:50 PM

    Yeah. I just know how scouts think on this stuff. If he has the ability and tools, then he will get picked wherever they want him at. Good coaching CAN prevail. Doesnt always happen but ya cant teach a high 90's fastball. And to be quite honest, I have been hearing that he has been showing some decent secondary pitches of late.

  5. He is definately one to watch develop. If he can get even one decent secondary pitch, he could move up to the top 15 if not top 10.
    I'm glad to see him on the collegiate national team. I've always had enormous respect for the USA program.

  6. Who do u think is the top catcher in next years draft

  7. There aren't a lot of good catchers that I have on my radar yet.
    Nick Delmonico out of Farragut HS in Tennesee, has played several positions including catcher, would be my first choice there.
    Blake Swihart from H.S. in NM, C.J. Cron out of Utah could make a run as well.

  8. I've spoken with a couple of National Cross Checkers here at the Cape. Both were in agreement that Matt Jensen (Cal Poly Pomona) will go very early in the draft. What's your take?

  9. Jensen is seen as a guy who could be an offensive 2B but he didn't show it much this year. If he has a good season next year, he could draw interest in the top 3-5 rounds. Right now, I would say he is a top 10 round kind of guy. I haven't seen how he's doing on the Cape though.

  10. Do you think Nick Ramirez has a better chance of making it as a pitcher or as a 1st baseman?

  11. I would say 1B. He has good stuff, but I would see if the bat plays and if it doesn't he could fall back to pitching. I think he is a good enough hitter to succed though.

  12. How high do you think Taylor Jungmann could go

  13. He looks like a top 10 guy right now but could fall out if he doesn't have a good spring.

  14. Two questions. One, do you think Tyler Pill has a better shot as an outfielder or pitcher and two, how good do you think Alex Panteliodis could be?

  15. I see Pill more as a pitcher than a hitter.
    Pants confuses me. One game I saw him, he was routinely hitting 97 on the gun and making hitters look silly and looking like a sure fire 1st rounder. The next time I saw him, he was 88-92. He has good control but no projectability. I think he could be a 1st round pick next year if someone believes in his arm and he sits in the low to mid 90's. If he sits 88-92 and has a mediocre season, he could fall to the 4th-7th round range. In the long run, it depends how hard he throws. My guess is, he becomes a hard throwing back of the bullpen arm.

  16. Matt,

    Dillon Maples is looking real good, he made the 18 and under USA national Team recently. During this past HS season I was clocking his fastball in the 90-97 range. As it warmed up here in Carolina, my dad clocked him at 100 a few times,but never falling under 96 for 7 full innings,as well his curveball is devastating.So, do you think he is a top 1,2 or 3 pick? I know his parents well and agents are really after them, so I am assuming that means they are hearing top 5 status for the kid. He has the makeup for sure, and his father was a high draft pick in 1979 by the Orioles, so he has the pedigree as well.

  17. I do think Maples could be a top 10 pick, not so sure about top 3 though. If he is sitting in the upper 90's and touching 100, he could get some consideration there though. I don't see him getting ahead of Rendon and Purke but it's possible.

  18. Thoughts on 3 Coastal players in 2011 draft.
    Bowman,LaStella and Motter

  19. All 3 Coastal guys are good athletes. Bowman has the best bat, although he didn't really show it this season.
    LaStella had an impressive season with the bat and has held his own on the Cape this summer. Should get drafted next season.
    Motter could be the highest drafted of these guys if he has another season like this year. He has decent actions at SS and could stay there as a pro. I think I'd take him over LaStella and Bowman if I had to choose with Bowman second and LaStella last. I've only seen them play once though.

  20. Matt,
    What do you think the odds are that Bubba Starling ends up playing QB at Nebraska compared to signing a baseball contract??? And do you think there is any chance he could move into the top 10?

  21. Pretty tough to tell at this point with Starling. My gut feeling is he goes pro at baseball. If a team really loves him he could sneak into the top 10, but the top is really loaded for 2011 but he is a great athlete and could move up with a dominant spring.

  22. Were's Jamal Austin-UAB on this list a serious game changer one of the best leadoffs in Conference USA and dominated the Great Lakes before he was injured the last week still ended up hitting .464

  23. Arizona State is thinking of moving Mitchell Lambson to the starting rotation. Do you see him as a starter or reliever at the pro level?

  24. I think this move will show if his breaking ball is good enough to hold up thru several trips thru a lineup and help answer this question. I haven't seen it enough to know. He has a solid change and that will help either way. Any talented lefty like him should get a shot at starting before being sent to the pen, in my opinion.

  25. Thoughts on high school pitchers after the area code and aflac I see you dont have a few of these top kids on your list

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I didn't get to see anything from the area code games and I have yet to watch the 4 innings of the Aflac Game that FSN showed here in Minnesota. I did see the Under Armour game and was impressed by A few guys. Connor Castellano has a sweet lefthanded swing. Rookie Davis looks like a beast. Huge power, huge guy. Greg Bird was very comfortable at the plate and looked good. Brandon Nimmo had a great day and can really swing the bat. Addison Russell, Dwight Smith, Bubba Starling and Lance Mccullers all looked as good as I expected. These guys are sure fire future talents as long as they(Bubba) stick to baseball. None of the pitchers caught my eye like a few did last season. The pitching crop doesn't look as deep to me, but it was only one game.
    One thing really jumped out at me with Dante Bichette Jr. He has lot of movement in his swing and will get eaten alive by good offspeed pitches if he doesn't quiet it down. The swing itself is good, just the movement and weight transfer needs to be tightened up.

  28. what about that matt duran kid?

  29. Brookdale CC has a 6' 4 - 4 tool 3rd baseman, saw him play last weekend at Felician 4 or 5 scouts there watching him already. Not sure what the name is though, looked at BCC site and their roster is not posted yet...couple of good pitches on that club as well.

  30. Tobias? Thats laughable! At best.....

  31. I no the magliozzi kid is undersized but I have seen more than once dominate at tournaments wwba's and bcs east coast pro area code and aflac didnt have his best stuff in jupiter but still competed great movement on his cutter any thoughts

  32. Mathew Troupe may just be one of the most underrated prep RHP. He's 6-1 195 from Chaminade Prep and has commitment with Oregon State. He throws low to mid 90's with plus change and has shown very well against top talent. Between WWBA in Georgia, Area Code games and Aflac scrimmage he had 30 K's 4 BB and allowed 5 Hits in 15 IP. Interested to see if he gains some momentum as time nears toward the draft.

  33. Troupe did look good in the video I saw. Nice pop on the FB. Nice numbers against good competition. Definately a higher follow for me now.

  34. Matt-
    I was wondering what info do you have on David Kosinski C siegel HS Tenn.


  35. Not a lot on Kosinski. He's a solid defensive catcher with a decent arm on the mound. I don't know much about the bat.


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