Monday, July 5, 2010

Cliff Lee and the Twins

Cliff Lee is making about 9 million this season and I am sure he is set on hitting free agency as a 32 year old veteran who has shown he can pitch very well in either league. This will make him a rental for the second half of 2010 for a team to make a run at the World Series.
My favorite team is the Minnesota Twins and they are looking at acquiring the Lefty to form a formidable playoff rotation and snap out of their mid-season floundering.
The offer I just heard is Aaron Hicks and Wilson Ramos for Cliff Lee.
Aaron Hicks was my 36th best prospect last off-season and Ramos was 85th. I think this is a very solid package for Cliff Lee. In my system, the package is worth 4.5 million more than Lee and the Twins only get Lee as a rental.
As a Twins fan, I am excited to see them acquiring big league talent to make a run but that is a little excessive. I would give Ramos, but Gibson, Hicks and Revere are untouchable to me.
Digging deeper, Cliff Lee will be a Type A free agent. This means when, not if, he signs with a team in the off season the Twins will acuire the 1st round pick of the team that signs him and a supplemental pick. The same goes for Seattle if they hang onto Lee. In essence, Seattle will have to recieve more than 2 first round picks in value to trade him.
If the Twins trade for him, it will be setting a new precedent for the franchise. Not only will they be picking up 4.5 million in salary but they paid a signing bonus to Ramos when he signed out of Venezuela and 1.8 million to Hicks in 2008 as a 1st round draft pick. When Lee leaves via free agency, they will get 2 first round picks and that will cost 2-4 million more to sign them. It would end up costing them about 8 million dollars or so, Ramos and Hicks for half a season of Lee, plus 2 future picks. If the Twins don't make a good run in the playoffs and 2 good picks it could really set the franchise back. Maybe my thinking is too safe but that is how the Twins taught me...
Sorry if this bounces around, I didn't proof read it or anything. Just random thoughts put to words on this blog.

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