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Severe weather = college stat analysis

Well, tonight our house got hammered by hail and now I need to have the house resided...goody.
But while the severe was decimating my house, I was working on compiling some college stats and trying a formula on them to keep me sane. That was much better than doing my accounting homework, right?
These aren't all the colleges. It's only 59 different schools, so not close to all the div. I colleges. I just thought it would be fun to try and I figured I'd show what I came up with.
The right hitter is at the top, that is for sure. Some good names scattered throughout. Probably similar to my cape cod rankings. Some guys have great stats, but that does not equal a great prospect in college. Let me know what you guys think.

I didn't do anything to make the pitchers and hitters numbers representative of their value against each other. Sale is not better than Rendon or Harper.

Rk Name College total
1   Anthony Rendon Rice 1176.07
2 Bryce Harper Southern Nevada 1175.28
3   Rico Noel coastal carolina 1016.73
4   Zack MacPhee Arizona State 952.36
5  Kevin Tokarski illinois state 945.06
6  George Springer Connecticut 917.94
7   Chad Oberacker Tenn. Tech 912.24
8  Tyler Holt florida state 908.42
9   Michael Choice UTA 900.29
10   Levi Michael North Carolina 896.05
11   Taylor Dugas Alabama 890.21
12   Christian Colon Cal State Fullerton 890.02
13   Brodie Greene texas a & m 872.44
14  Gary Brown Cal State Fullerton 848.46
15   Kolbrin Vitek Ball State 848.33
16   Scott Woodward coastal carolina 845.61
17  Jason Esposito Vanderbilt 844.20
18   Mike Nemeth Connecticut 838.41
19   Matt Curry TCU 832.88
20   Kole Calhoun Arizona State 827.96
21   Pierre LePage Connecticut 827.28
22   Joe Panik st. John 821.88
23  A.J. Kirby-Jones Tenn. Tech 818.20
24   Tommy LaStella coastal carolina 815.16
25   John Schultz Pittsburgh 806.60
26   Yasmani Grandal miami 803.86
27  Chris Duffy UCF 801.82
28  Phil Gosselin Virginia 799.86
29   Dallas Poulk N.C. State 796.01
30  B A Vollmuth southern miss 794.97
31  Jose Iglesias coastal carolina 788.61
32  Rob Segedin Tulane 787.40
33   Matt Skole Georgia Tech 783.60
34   Jeremy Baltz st. John 780.95
35   Hunter Morris Auburn 774.04
36   Ryan Aguayo New Mexico State 757.60
37   Blake McDade Middle Tennesee St. 755.90
38   Kolten Wong Hawaii 752.86
39   Joe Leonard Pittsburgh 749.88
40   Shaun Kort Nevada 749.75
41  Tony Plagman Georgia Tech 747.63
42   Mike Olt Connecticut 746.94
43   Patrick Biondi Michigan 742.54
44   Jordan Ribera Fresno State 741.87
45   Scott Lawson miami 740.14
46   Alex Dickerson Indiana 732.52
47   James Ramsey florida state 732.15
48   Bryan Altman The Citadel 730.81
49   Derek Dietrich Georgia Tech 726.61
50  Mikie Mahtook LSU 725.98

Zach Cox was 60 if you were wondering.

Rk Name College total
1  Chris Sale Florida Gulf Coast 1530.86
2   John Stilson texas a&m 1450.64
3  Asher Wojciechowski The Citadel 1205.63
4   Chance Ruffin Texas 1190.30
5  Noe Ramirez Cal State Fullerton 1186.37
6   Matt Purke TCU 1158.30
7   Trevor Bauer UCLA 1137.72
8  Danny Hultzen Virginia 1132.62
9   Barret Loux texas a&m 1129.67
10  Taylor Jungmann Texas 1118.70
11  Drew Smyly Arkansas 1081.29
12   Alex Wimmers ohio state 1075.49
13   Drew Pomeranz Mississippi 1062.75
14   Rob Rasmussen UCLA 1047.69
15   Gerrit Cole UCLA 1044.36
16   Mitchell Lambson Arizona State 1033.00
17  Addison Reed San Diego State 1029.43
18   Kenny Long illinois state 1021.98
19   Brady Rodgers Arizona State 1019.99
20  Seth Rosin Minnesota 1012.01
21   Brandon Workman Texas 1008.90
22  Michael Wacha texas a&m 1006.42
23  Chris Hernandez Miami 1003.55
24   Dylan Floro Cal State Fullerton 995.88
25  Logan Verrett Baylor 995.69
26   Kurt Heyer Arizona 984.00
27  Deck McGuire Georgia Tech 964.52
28  Seth Blair Arizona State 960.58
29   Sam Dyson south carolina 959.67
30   Rett Varner UTA 941.42
31   Jed Bradley Georgia Tech 935.40
32  Seth Maness East Carolina 931.84
33 Cody Wheeler Coastal Carolina 931.46
34   Ryan Copeland illinois state 930.74
35   Nathan Kilcrease Alabama 925.92
36   Zach Woods East Carolina 924.29
37   Blake Cooper south carolina 920.20
38   Matt Harvey North Carolina 919.55
39   Mark Pope Georgia Tech 916.63
40   Eric Erickson Miami 915.56
41   Jake Buchanan N.C. State 910.17
42   Anthony Meo Coastal Carolina 909.67
43   Sonny Gray vanderbilt 909.62
44   Logan Bawcom UTA 902.68
45   Kevin Chapman florida 895.24
46   Dan Klein UCLA 894.85
47   Brett Eibner Arkansas 891.60
48   Steven Maxwell TCU 890.17
49   Zach Neal Oklahoma 887.93
50  Jason Mitchell UTA 887.41


  1. Good stuff. Can you shed some light as to what went into the formula? I guess this way I can say Tyler Holt is ranked better than Christian Colon (which is tough for me to work through) because...

    Absolutely great site, I must say. I stumbled upon it last week and wish I had found it a long time ago.

  2. Thanks Brendon. Glad you like the site.
    The attributes that Holt has better than Colon is BB rate and speed. Most fo my basic formulas I use, like this and for the cape league and the DSL and VSL rate speed to heavily. That's not to say Holt isn't a good prospect. Even if he had no speed, he would be a top 40 guy.
    I take into account H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, R, BB, K for hitters.

  3. I agree about Holt. I think he is an excellent prospect. I was just a little curious. I'm never one to swallow a pill without knowing how it was made, ya know.

    Well done, Matt! Thanks!


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