Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My top 300 prospect by the numbers

was semi-accurate. 66 of the top 100 on my list went in the top 100. I was shooting for 70, so I guess I can live with that.

All of them were drafted though. The lowest was Brian Ragira at #916 due to his commit to Stanford.

193 of my top 300 went in the top 300. That's 64%, so my top 100 at 66% kind of continued down.

36 of my top 300 were not drafted. The highest ranked on that list is Trey Griffin. He is committed to Oklahoma State and is the brother of Orioles Prospect Xavier Avery.

62 of my top 300 were picked within 20 spots of their placement on my list. 87 were within 30 picks or a round. 38 were within 10 picks.

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