Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Draft Signings

Jake Skole, the 15th overall pick, signed with the Rangers for $1,557,000. Mike Foltynewicz signed for $1.3 million at 19th overall to Houston. #22 overall Kellin Deglan signed for $1 million to the Rangers as well. The Phillies signed Jesse Biddle for $1.16 million as the 27th picks. Justin O' Conner signed with the Rays for $1.025 million.

Alex Wimmers at #21, has recently stated that he is looking for a $2 million+ deal instead of slot money that would be below Folty's $1.3 mil. If I were Bill Smith, I would begin talking to DeAndre Smelter to see what he would want to sign. Wimmers does not blow me away and I think the #21 pick next year will be superior to him.

Several sandwich picks signed including Mike Kvasnicka, Matt Lipka, Bryce Brentz, Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndgaard.

Some later round guys have signed also but no huge surprises. SS Chris Hawkins, #93 overall, was a good sign by the Blue Jays.

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