Sunday, June 13, 2010

Draft prospect update

I am thru the top 265 overall with my rankings. I am obviously not as good as the teams who actually do the drafting but I like to think I kind of know what I am doing. I do have good bloodlines. My great uncle struck out Babe Ruth and would have pitched in the majors, or so I've been told many times, if he wasn't a total drunk. I was not projectable and had a fringy changeup. I was undersized for a RHP and lacked a true plus pitch as my fastball was straight due to my over the top delivery. When I dropped down my slider flattened out and was hittable and I had an injury history but I was a bulldog on the mound. I think I got all the cliches in there, but it's all true. :)

Some of the biggest bargains are A.J. Cole to Washington at 116th overall. James Paxton to Seattle went 132nd overall and should have been chosen in the top 50 picks. Jesse Hahn was a steal by Tampa Bay at #191. He is a first round talent. Garin Cecchini could get first round money as the Red Sox 4th round selection.
One of the biggest reaches are Jake Skole to the Rangers at 15th overall. Even with the benefit of the doubt, Cito Culver is still a reack. I may eat my words, but I just don't see it. Hayden Simpson was a huge stretch at 16th overall.

Kaleb Cowart is my early pick for most likely not to sign in the first round but Zach Lee topped that when the Dodgers selected him. He is likely to go to LSU and be their Quarteback this fall. This may have been a fiscal move by the Dodgers to, in essence, pause their pick for a year and get 2 picks in the first round of a very solid draft in 2011, or get a very good player at #28 and spread the bonus over 5 years and save money. It looks like a financial pick either way to me.

Well, I'm gonna take a break from looking at the top guys and start from the bottom and work up for a while. Back to digging, maybe I can find a sleeper. I'll let you know.

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