Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baltimore Orioles Draft Review

Hard to argue with Machado at #3 overall. He was the consensus pick here.
They didn't have another pick until Dan Klein in the 3rd round. He fit well in that spot and looks like a set up man and could be in that role in 2 years.
Trent Mummey is intriguing. I had him as the 9th best prospect in the Cape Cod league last summer with plus speed and showed he can hit with wood. This spring he had a big power surge and kept up with the speed. He looks to be a corner outfielder in the long run but might be a speedy corner outfielder with a good bat. I like that pick.
Connor Narron hasn't impressed me when I have seen him play and I expect him to go to North Carolina. If the O's do sign him, he will need time to adapt to pro ball. He has a low floor but could be a higher pick in 3 years as a 3B or OF.
Dixon Anderson can sit in the low 90's and has an average slider and a fringy change. Has the potential to be a decent SP but has command issues. He's a big guy and could add a couple MPH's to the FB. He will need more time than most college players from a warm weather climate.
Bywater is a smooth lefty with a high 80's FB who looks like a 4th or 5th starter. He knows how to pitch and should do very well in the low minors. AA will tell alot about Bywater.
Parker Bridwell is a player I don't know much about. I know he is a top football recruit as a QB.
Clay Schrader looks like another future setup man. He has a good arm and has a nice curveball that could be a good major league pitch.
Past the top 10, the biggest name is Austin Urban. Could be a better pick in 3 years after he goes to Penn State.
Sorry O's fans, no Mike Ohlman or Cam Coffey unless they go for it after the 30th round.

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