Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My 2008 Draft

This season I traded the likes of Boof Bonser, Luke Scott, Mike Mussina, Tim Redding, BJ Ryan and the big ones...Shane Victorino and Carl Crawford(who I had traded for the season before). My team really did poorly in 2007 and without going into it too much, needed my fingerprint on it. I took over a team in which the owner quit the league and I kind of wanted to blow it up and make it my own. I planned on building thru the draft and I saw the 2008 draft as a deep draft, so I stockpiled. Here is what I came up with.

Round Player Pos Team
1 Justin Smoak 1B TEX
1 Brett Wallace 1B STL
2 Jake Odorizzi RHP MIL
2 Jaff Decker OF SD
2 Lance Lynn RHP STL
3 L.J. Hoes 2B BAL
3 Isaac Galloway OF FLA
4 T.J. Steele OF HOU
4 Tyler Chatwood RHP LAA
5 Brett Hunter RHP OAK
5 Matt Hague 3B PIT
5 Edwin Quirarte RHP SF
6 Jason Knapp RHP PHI
7 Adam Milligan OF ATL
7 Tony Delmonico SS LAD
8 Nate Tenbrink 3B SEA
8 Brett Oberholtzer LHP ATL
8 Brandon Crawford SS SF
8 Michael Palazzone RHP ATL-didn't sign
9 Nino Leyja SS OAK
9 Matt Clark 1B SD
10 Clayton Cook RHP CLE
10 Mikey O'Brien RHP NYY
10 Chase Hentges RHP KC
11 Aaron Luna OF STL
12 Phil Disher C HOU
13 Pat Venditte RHP/LHP NYY
14 Matt Magill RHP LAD
15 Ryan Mantle OF SF
16 Byron Wiley OF CIN
17 Delta Cleary OF COL
18 Oliver Drake RHP BAL
19 Daniel Thomas RHP OAK
25 Damarii Saunderson OF PHI

It is far too early to rate this draft, but it looks good so far. I took a variety of players. Polished college bats in Smoak and Wallace, an athletic P in Odorizzi, a big bat in Decker, who was picked ahead of me, but I traded a lower 2nd rounder and a 5th to get him. I wasn't going to pass on him like I didn't trust my gut on Heyward earlier. Lynn looked like a polished college arm who could make it to the bigs quickly. Hoes and Galloway were toolsy high school players. Steele a college player but still big ceiling and raw. I did the same with Crawford, Tenbrink and Milligan. Knapp, Hunter and Quirarte are power arms who could be back of the bullpen arms, and maybe be closers in the long run. I hoped Chatwood would develop into a short righty along the lines of Roy Oswalt. I know not all these guys will hit, but I feel like I did a good job identifying talent where it was available. I even like Luna, Venditte, Cleary, Drake and Saunderson as potential big leaguers. I know only one of them will if I'm lucky but you never know.

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