Monday, May 3, 2010

My 2006 Draft

Round Name Position Team College
1 Kyle Drabek RHP PHI Woodlands, Texas
2 Chris Tillman RHP SEA Fountain Valley, Cali
3 Matt McBride--traded for 4,6,11 TRADED
4 Dallas Buck RHP ARI Oregon State
4 Chris Errecart OF MIL U of Cali
5 Jason Donald SS PHI U of Arizona
6 Casey Hudspeth RHP HOU Sarasota, FL
6 Jake Brigham RHP TEX Central Florida Christian Academy
7 Jim Negrych 2B PIT U of Pitt
8 Doug Fister RHP SEA Merced College
9 Stephen Holmes RHP NYM U of Rhode Island
10 Alex Presley OF PIT U of Mississippi
11 Ryan Khoury SS BOS U of Utah
11 Shawn Scobee OF TOR U of Nevada
12 Hunter Mense OF FLA U of Missouri
13 Paul Coleman LHP LAD Pepperdine
14 Jamie Arneson LHP CIN Fresno State
15 John Hester C ARI Stanford
16 Charles Benoit LHP PIT Caroll, TX
17 Josh Roenicke RHP CIN UCLA
18 Jacob Dempsey OF PHI Winthrop
19 Micheal Campbell OF SD U of South Carolina
20 Micheal Cowgill 2B MIN James Madison U
21 Kyle Parker RHP SEA U of Washington
22 Matt Manship RHP OAK Stanford
23 Adam Hale RHP HOU Rice
24 Matt Michael LHP STL Grand Canyon U
25 Justin Brashear C ARI U of Mississippi
26 Mark Shorey OF STL Liberty U
27 Zach Dials LHP TOR U of Kentucky
28 Tony Watson LHP BAL U of Nebraska-did not sign
29 Anthony Esquer C CIN Cal Poly Pamona
30 Baron Frost OF TOR USC
31 Jarrod Dyson OF KC Southwest Mississippi Community College
32 William Bashelor OF NYM Dartmouth
33 Jared Cranston LHP SF Seward Community College
34 Gordon Gronkowski 1B LAA Jacksonville U
35 Aaron Baker C MIN Oklahoma commitment-Unsigned--Denton, TX

It's far too early to grade a draft from 2006, but Drabek and Tillman are potential front line pitchers. McBride has been a decent prospect and is now a 1B,RF instead of a catcher but his bat could get him to the majors. I think he could be a decent catcher yet and a change of scenery could help him. Buck has never recoverd fully from Tommy John surgery. He pitched thru it for a while and I thought it would help him learn to pitch, but it didn't work to this point. Donald and Errecart looked like solid college players with a good shot at being big leaguers, as did Negrych. Hudspeth sounded like a bulldog with 3 average or plus pitches who could hit mid 90's. Brigham sounded like a 1st round caliber talent who slid due to performance. He has since had TJ surgery and had an inconsistent 2009 but is off to a decent start for 2010. Fister was a tall RHP with a lot of potential. He didn't improve much from HS to this draft, but he has made it to the bigs and is off to a great start this season.
John Hester looks like he can have a big league career as a backup catcher and Josh Roenicke has a great arm, but is getting old for a prospect. He's up in the bigs now, but hasn't had much opportunity yet.
Tony Watson and Aaron Baker were the 2 guys I drafted that didn't sign. I didn't retain their rights due to that, but both of them still have a chance to be good ball players.
I am kind of proud of this draft as it was the first year I had delved into the draft since my hiatus.

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