Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who is the Next Hanley or Tulo?

This is a post with a comment I made on Minor League Ball. I thought it was worth posting here.
Alcides Escobar has a very good bat and if he develops more patience, it could give him more power.
I've heard people compare Jio Mier to Nomar.
Dee Gordon is very raw for his age and could develop more power, but I don't see it.
Hak Ju Lee doesn't have the power but sure can hit, but may end up in CF due to Starlin Castro. I'd prefer Lee at SS and Castro at 2B but the Cubs have Logan Watkins and DJ Lemahieu there.
Grant Green is a safe bet to be a JJ Hardy kind of guy and could move up to be better than that.
Ian Desmond could be good also but not a HanRam kind of guy. More of a .280-15 kind of guy.
After that you have to gamble on projection with Jurickson Profar, Jonathan Galvez, Manny Machado, Yordy Cabrera, Jason Esposito, Kenny Diekroger and Steven Perez to name a few.
Or you can hope someone can stick at short and improve their defense to acceptable, like Tim Beckham, Miguel Sano, WIlmer Flores, Todd Frazier or Neftali Soto.
Brandon Crawford, Rick Hague and Chris Owings could be sleepers if they improve their contact ability.
My money for the next impact SS is Escobar followed by Green. There is a lot of depth here. It will be interesting to see who shakes out of it.

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