Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The draft...

Bryce Harper is the best candidate to be the #1 overall pick but the depth of the draft this year is well beyond the young catcher who is already up to 21 HR's in 156 AB. He has played C, RF, CF, and 3B and may end up in RF in the end. A lot of people have been talking about his attitude lately, but every athlete has an ego. Even guys who don't blast 500' HR's as a 17 year old in a wood bat league faceing guys 3-4 years older. They true test will happen when he fails for the first time.
Jameson Taillon is a 6'7" RHP who can run it up to 98 and has a nasty curveball. He should be the first high schooler off the board and could be the next in a long line of fireballers from Texas. He comes from the same school as David Aardsma and Kyle Drabek.
On the college side is another 6'7" RHP, Anthony Ranaudo from LSU. He had a sore arm this spring but is rounding back into form and when I saw him face Ole Miss, he looked like a top of the draft arm. I don't see him as an Ace, but a John Lackey kind of guy looks to be quite attainable, as long as he stays healthy.
Drew Pomeranz is a lefty from Ole Miss and can run his fastball into the mid 90's. He has a nasty curveball and an easy delivery. He cuts his motion short when he throws, but it isn't a concern to me.
Lately Manny Machado out of Brito Prep in Miami, has been getting a lot of publicity. He will get compared to ARod because of his look and swing, but he will not have the glove like ARod at SS, or the bat. I would be a little surprised if he can stay at SS, but a team that thinks he can stay at Short may take him high...yes I am looking at you Kansas City.
Yasmani Grandal is getting the attention of many, hitting 130 points higher than he did a season ago at Miami. The catchers other stats are not that much diffent than last season. He hit 16 HR's last season and has 10 right now. His bat is a little slow, but he swings with a lot of power. Defensively, he is average. He has a decent arm, is a good receiver and won't embarass himself as a catcher. He was considered a 1st rounder in 2007 and should be a top 15 pick if not a top 5 pick this season.
Kris Bryant out of Bonanza HS in Las Vegas has more raw power than most players in the draft this year. He will probably end up at 1B but has a good enough arm and is a good enough athlete to be an OF'er, at least to start his career. I could see him being a similar player to Troy Glaus.
Reggie Golden is an OF'er from Wetumpka, Alabama. He is a 5'10ish hitter that is built like a rock. He has a stiff swing but can hit the ball a mile. He reminds me of Ron Gant for some reason. He is a good athlete and will be a LF in pro ball and should have more than enough bat for the position.

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