Friday, February 26, 2010

My Method and my book

I get a lot of questions on what I use for methodology.
I use a combination of things, my own mess I came up with. I use K, BB, HA, ER, IP, HRA and Wins for pitchers and R, RBI, BB, AB, K, 3B, SB, TB for hitters. They are turned into scores to calc control, dominance, consistency, power, speed, eye, contact, etc.. I know I use Wins and RBI that could mess up the system because they are not earned simply on a players merits, but they do help to weed out poorer players sometimes. That is just the stats. I also take into consideration signing bonus/draft status for new draftees and my previous seasons rankings. After that is done, I went thru and put a score for floor and ceiling for all of these guys. The international guys got similar scores, just because I don't konw much about them. That's why some are bunched together by team.

Hitters Pitchers
10 : All-time great : All-time great
9 : Superstar : Ace
8 : Solid Starter : #1 or #2, Closer
7 : Starter on some teams : #3-5, Setup man
6 : Part-time player : swingman/ 7th inning guy
5 : bench warmer : 12th pitcher
4 : top level minor leaguer : top level minor leaguer
3 : middle level minor leaguer : middle level minor leaguer
2 : low level minor leaguer : low level minor leaguer
1 : won't last long : won't last long

My list I post is weighted heavily by age and ceiling. With the formula I have, I could rank them many different ways. This just seems the best way to me.

I do this 100% alone and put a lot of hours into this. I am not a perfectionist, and I miss things. There are players on here that are no longer eligible and some duplicates and I apoligize for that, but this is not what I do for a living and do this 100% as a hobby. This is a continuous work in progress and even though the list is posted, it isn't done.

My draft prospect lists are based on things I read from various sites, I compile the information and put my own spin on it from experience. I watch as much video on these guys as I can find rank them how I see them.

This fall/winter I plan on releasing a book that will include an enormous amount of information. It will have have a number for each player that will be easy to follow, so you don't need to read half a page to see that a player is mediocre with the potential of more. I have posted a few "cards" on the site and will post more over the summer and fall.

Each one will include ceiling, floor, likelihood of reaching his ceiling and the likely scenario. It will also include age, brithday, height, weight if I can find it. It will also have a few more things, like a players trade value, service time, and free agent year for MLB players.
It will also have 9 categories for hitters and 8 for pitchers which I use for rating them. I will add the players 2010 stats. I will send it via email in PDF form. If you would like to pre-order it, click the buy now button and you will get it as soon as it's available after the season. I haven't decided on a release date yet but it will be around Christmas, I think.

It will include
Minor league information:
My rankings of the top 2000 prospects or more..
Ranking by position
Top 40 prospects for each team
Team depth charts
Draft Information:
Top 100 draft prospects from 2010 draft.
Draft Report card for every team
Sneak peak at 2011 MLB draft
International signings roundup
MLB player rankings
and more....

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