Saturday, January 2, 2010

Minnesota Twins Top 40 Prospects

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1 Aaron Hicks , OF , MIN
Hicks is going to be very good. He has great power potential and is a good contact hitter. A great athlete, he covers center well and has a rocket for an arm. He also has good speed, just needs time.
2 Ben Revere , OF , MIN
Revere is a small, slap hitter with great speed. He is not going to hit for power and has a weak arm for centerfield and may end up in left but will get on enough to cause havoc on the basepaths.
3 Wilson Ramos , C , MIN
Ramos is a good hitter, solid backstop, and decent power. He is stuck behind Joe Mauer, so he may be a good trade chip. He has been injury prone though.
4 Kyle Gibson , P , MIN
Gibson was projected to be a top 5 talent in the 2009 draft but fell to 22nd. I don't see him as a dominant ace but could be a very solid second starter type for a long time.
5 Dave Bromberg , P , MIN
Bromberg has been a work in progress mechanically, but he has been posting great K rates with his nasty curveball. The FSL is a good pithers league and he did well. Next year in AA will be the true test of his upside.
6 Miguel Jean(Sano) , SS , MIN
Jean is 6'3" and 190 and only 16 years old. He will probably grow into a RF. He has enormous potential and could develop into a superstar.
7 Angel Morales , OF , MIN
Morales is a toolsy outfielder who has great power potential and put up a very good season in the midwest league. He has great potential but needs to cut back on his strikeouts a little.
8 Chris Parmelee , 1B , MIN
Parmelee was a 1st rd pick but hasn't dominated. He has showed good power, but hasn't hit much for average and has K'd a lot. He walks a fair amount and is still young. No defensive value.
9 Danny Valencia , 3B , MIN
Valencia doesn't stand out at anything but is overall a decent ball player. He could be a decent major league 3B but needs to work harder to stay there.
10 Billy Bullock , P , MIN
Bullock has a high 90's fastball and could move quickly thru the system. He needs to improve his control to reach his true ceiling.
11 Carlos Gutierrez , P , MIN
Gutierrez has a ridiculously good sinker. It may be a 80 pitch on the 20-80 scale. He is probably a bullpen guy in the long run, but I think the Twins are hoping for a Carlos Silva kind of starter.
12 BJ Hermsen , P , MIN
Hermsen is a big guy with amazing control. He doesn't have overpowering stuff but he knows how to pitch. He's a good athlete and I think he could be another in the long line of pitchability starters for the Twins.
13 Adrian Salcedo , P , MIN
Salcedo is hard to put a finger on because I don't know much about him. I know he doesn't have dominating stuff but can get people out very well. He is one to keep an eye on.
14 Rene Tosoni , OF , MIN
Tosoni had a good season in AA and although he was the futures game MVP, he does not project to be a great MLB player. He could be a decent outfielder but I don’t see him squeezing his way into the crowded Twins outfield soon.
15 Matt Bashore , P , MIN
Bashore is probably a lefty out of the pen in the long run but he could have 4 decent pitchers which could allow him to start. This year will start to show what role he will fit in.
16 Ben Tootle , P , MIN
Tootle has an unusual delivery with a high leg kick but delivers a fastball in the mid 90's. His mechanics may need some work, as will his control, but he could be a solid bullpen arm if he reaches his potential.
17 Max Kepler , OF , MIN
Kepler is a very good athlete with a good arm, good power potential and good speed. He is very young and will make his debut this summer in the GCL.
18 Tyler Robertson , P , MIN
Robertson has an unusual delivery with decent, but not great stuff. He looks like a swingman to me.
19 Jorge Polanco , SS , MIN
Polanco is not the typical international SS. He should be able to stay at SS, play solid defense and hit enough to be a contributor.
20 Anthony Swarzak , P , MIN
Swarzak is probably a 5th starter in the long run. He has decent stuff but nothing that is dominant.
21 Brad Stillings , P , MIN
22 Brad Tippett , P , MIN
23 Joe Benson , OF , MIN
24 Derek McCallum , 2B , MIN
25 Oswaldo Arcia , OF , MIN
26 Santos Arias , P , MIN
27 Deolis Guerra , P , MIN
27 Bobby Lanigan , P , MIN
29 Cesar Ciurcina P MIN
30 Mike McCardell , P , MIN
31 Loek Van Mil , P , MIN
32 Josmil Pinto , C , MIN
33 Pedro Guerra P MIN
34 Steven Hirschfield , P , MIN
35 Steve Singleton , 2B , MIN
36 Trevor Plouffe , SS , MIN
37 Wilson Sanchez P MIN
38 Ryan Mullins , P , MIN
39 Danny Rams , 1B , MIN
40 Rob Delaney , P , MIN


  1. Did you forget about Anthony Slama?

  2. Everybody, leaves Brock Peterson off, he is invited to the twins camp again this year. what did he bat 350 from June on...and 300 for the year. He deserves some consideration, big sleeper....

  3. danny rams 39?? he should be higher

  4. Slama was at 43. Not a Portes fan. Just not a fan of Peterson.
    Rams need to improve but has more upside than some on the list but is very raw. Dozier will have a better shot next year if ever, I stated in my Twins draft report that he is basically the type of guy to be org. depth.

  5. what about Chris Herrmann