Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you for making the first year of my blog a success. I started this blog on February 25th of 2009 and it started kind of slow and but in 2 or 3 days, it will recieve it's 15,000th visitor and should get close to 25,000 by the first anniversary at the current rate.

Thank you for reading my stuff and I hope I provide interesting information that you can use to win your leagues.

I have an enormous amount of ideas in my head and have a hard time just hammering out one aspect of my project at a time. Just when I make some progress, I get a different idea of how to morph it into something better or bigger and that slows me down. Don't worry, it will only help me provide you with unique information and analysis.

Thanks again!


  1. You're doing good thorough work, Matt. Keep it up.

    Re: the Minny list, I like the relatively aggressive placement of Morales; a teenager who can OPS nearly .800 in full-season ball is a plausible star in the making.

    Question: in regards to your Dominican Summer League rankings of 11/24, you stated you were using "purely statistical" analysis. Could you elaborate on the methodology? Thanks!

  2. I have a good feeling about Morales. Using my formula, Morales was 16th but after comparing to the guys ahead of him, I just kept bumping him up. He struck out too much and didn't walk much but was only 19 in a pitcher friendly league. It's hard not to see a lot of potential.

    As for my DSL/VSL rankings, I don't want to give my formula away at this point but I can give you an idea. My formula uses K, IP, ERA, BB, HR, WHIP, W and AGE. These numbers are weighted to create ratings in different areas. These numbers are then assigned a rating to create overall rating for the players. It is the same system I used in my most recent posting of top 100 prospects from 2000-2006.