Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trade Deadline deals

I think the A's did a good job flipping Holliday for Wallace, Peterson and Mortenson.
Peterson is a good 4th OF and Mortenson could be a 3rd starter if he lives up to his potential. With the way the A's operate, he is another arm they could get rolling and move him for a couple more good players. Wallace is the best chip here and I could see him starting at 1B for the A's next season. I would give him a shot at 3B this september and if he looks like he could play there, maybe send him to the Arizona fall league again to get a few more reps and hopefully have him as the Opening Day starter in 2010.
Holliday gives the Cardinals what they need in a bat behind Pujols. In my opinion they are doing it right. They have the best chance to win the NL central and why not use your chips to make it happen this year. I think they will have a decent run in the playoffs.
Holliday will hit the open market unless he gets a new advisor, but I would say it is still a good deal for both sides.
Halladay is talked to be going to Philly for Kyle Drabek, JA Happ and Dominic Brown, but the Phils say that is too much. Unless they fully intend to put Drabek in the rotation next year and keep him there for the next 6 years, they should pull the trigger on this deal.
I like Micheal Taylor more than Brown and Carrasco more than Happ. This would be a good deal both ways also because Halladay is in the top 5 pitchers in baseball and the Phils want to win. The Jays would get back an OF with a lot of upside and one arm to help now and one more to help soon. This again would be a fair deal both ways and I'm not sure why Philly is dragging it's heals.
I heard a crazy rumor of Cliff Lee and V. Martinez to the Dodgers for Kershaw, Billingsley, Loney and a prospect. If I am Cleveland I wouldn't care who the spect is, I do this deal. As a Twins fan, if this one gets done, I would be very upset. I hope we don't give too much if we try to get O. Cabrera.