Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, I am finally

done with finals, so now I can spend a little less time studying and more on something I enjoy, fanatical research of prospects.
I have been working on stuff from time to time, just not posting any of it. Most of my time has been spent working on a fantasy draft ranking for all the players in the majors. I don't know if anyone here has interest in it, but I'm doing it more for my upcoming free agent seasons in my fantasy leagues.
I've been thinking about creating a .pdf of rank by team, rank by position, maybe even rank by tools, overall list, major league rankings, maybe some video links to sites that have good videos posted. I would also put in this information about dynasty draft rankings for MLB players and potentially integrate the MiLB guys into it. It would probably have a top 150 or so for the 2010 draft. This would take quite a bit of time to create, as right now it is just an ugly spreadsheet and it would take quite a bit more writing than I have right now, but if the interest is there, I could start doing something like this and creating an annual document with some updates as the season progresses.
One other unique thing I am going to try this year is projections. I did an Angel Villalona projection last off season which expected much more power then he produced and I won't have to worry about doing a 2010 version for him, now that his passport has been revoked. I also did a Brett Wallace career projection. I expected him to have a few AB's this season but I'm not too far off yet..let's see in 5 years. These were my first 2 attempts at projections outside of my usual MLB fantasy projections.
But back to the point. I am working on a system to project a players minor league stats and my goal is to project the top 100 prospects but we will see. That will be later in the offseason, I think, but any comments on if you think it's a good idea or stupid let me know.

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