Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

I got a new laptop today. It's a school required Dell latitude E6500. I konw nothing about it but I figured I'd break it in a little before studying for finals.

Jake Fox and Aaron Miles ware acquired from the Cubs today by the A's. This looks like a roadblock for Brett Wallace to break with the team this spring. Fox showed some pop this last season and I guess it is possible that he could play a corner outfield spot and even catch on occasion, but this coupled with the signing of Dallas McPherson makes me wonder about their plans. Not like any of these guys are locks to be stars, just more congestion. Oh yeah, Chavez is still signed thru 2010 with an option in 2011 that will not be picked up.

The Polanco signing in Philly confuses me as he is not a 3B in the first place and giving him 3 years at 6 mil each is high to me. He is a 6 mil player next year in my opinion, but I don't think he will be in 2012. I would have went with Beltre if he would have taken a similar deal. He has great D yet and could have an offensive reawakening in that park.

Marco Scutaro is going to the Red Sox for 2 years with an option for a third. Good enogh deal. I don't know if he's worth 5 mil a year, but that isn't too tough on the Boston payroll. He is a type A free agent so expect the Red Sox to go over slot on a signability guy that slips this year in the MLB Draft.

Why would the Mets sign Hank Blanco. Yeah, he's a great defensive catcher, but Josh Thole deserves a shot. They push so many of their guys thru the minors at warp speed but they don't give the sweet swinging(albeit powerless)Thole a shot. Whatever.

As a Twins fan, I hope the Indians give Brian Buscher a shot and it doesn't turn into Casey Blake part 2. I really don't think Buscher has it in him.

Looks like Chone Figgins is going to Seattle for 4 years at 36 million.

The Angels will move Gary Matthews for anything anyone will offer.

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