Monday, December 14, 2009

Florida Marlins Top Prospects

1 Michael Stanton , OF , FLA
Stanton has enormous power potential, but only hit .231 in AAHe did strike out a lot, but is only 19 and looks the part. He should be launching HR's in the bigs at some point in 2010 especially with Hermida out of the picture.
2 Logan Morrison , 1B , FLA
Morrison has big power when healthy. He hurt his wrist this season and may need some time in 2010 to get back up to speed. He's decent defnesicely and is an ok defender.
3 Matt Dominguez , 3B , FLA
Dominguez is a defense first, hit second 3B. He will get to the bigs with his glove alone, but don't underestimate his bat. I think he could be a Scott Rolen type.
4 Isaac Galloway , OF , FLA
Galloway is a potential five tool CF, but is still very raw. He slipped to the Marlins in the 8th round last season even though he had the possibility of going as high as the top 10 based on tools. He needs time but could be a star CF someday.
5 Chad James , P , FLA
James has the ability to have 3 plus pitches. He as a low 90's fastball with good movement but can get up in the mid 90's. He has an unusual follow thru that he needs to iron out in his delivery, but it looks minor to me.
6 Gaby Sanchez , 1B , FLA
Sanchez has good plate discipline and decent pop, but will not be a better defensive 1B than Morrison and that is the problem. Sanchez could hit well enough to be a starting 1B for someone, but I think it will be for a team other than the Marlins.
7 Kyle Skipworth , C , FLA
Skipworth has enormous potential and was actually compared to Joe Mauer coming out of high school. He is a long way away from that and even miles away from making minor league pitchers fear him, but he still has a lot of upside. Be patient.
8 Scott Cousins , OF , FLA
Cousins has a solid season in AA this season hitting .263 with 12 homers and stole 27 bases. He had a .448 slugging percentage this year and could have the upside of being a 20-20 LF.
9 Dan Jennings , P , FLA
Jennings had very good numbers again this season and looks like he could be a closer in the future. His K rate held up in his brief stint in AA, and he could move up the ladder quickly if he can do it again in AA.
10 Kyle Kaminska , P , FLA
Kaminska gave up fewer hits, but his K and BB rates decreased this season while repeating A ball. Not real confident in him.
11 Ryan Tucker P FLA
Tucker is a physically maxed out guy with good stuff, but needs command work. He has big strong legs under him, but with knee surgery last year, that weakens one major asset to pitching. He has the stuff to be a closer if everything works out but he has to throw strikes.
12 Eli Villanueva , P , FLA
Villanueva put up very good numbers in the pitcher frienldy FSL this season only walking 18 in 158 IP with 110 K's. Not astounding numbers but if it continues into AA, he could be one to watch.
13 Jose Ceda , P , FLA
Ceda has had arm problems but still has a high upside. He could be a big league closer someday with his stuff.
14 Jose Rosario , P , FLA
Rosario pitched much better in HiA this season than in A ball. His ratios were good, he gave up next to no HR and didn't give up many hits. He was old for the league though.
15 Brad Hand , P , FLA
Hand's biggest issue is his control. He walks nearly a batter every other inning. He thru 22 WP in 127 IP, and hit 7 more. He is going to have to gain control to reach his potential which would be a 2nd starter. Though, he did K a player an inning nearly.
16 PJ Dean , P , FLA
Dean didn't throw a pitch this season due to Tommy John surgery this season but last year with the Nats low A team he put up stellar numbers. Could have a good second half of 2010.
17 Jeff Allison , P , FLA
Allison derailed his career with drug abuse but came back this year and held his own in high A. His stuff isn't where it used to be, but it's nice to see him on the right track.
18 Jhan Martinez P FLA
Martinez has a great arm and can hit the mid 90's and struck out nearly a batter per inning. He walked 20 in 43 IP also. He could be a good back of the bullpen arm in a few years.
19 Steven Cishek , P , FLA
Cishek was old for his age but did very well in high A. His K rate dropped a little this year but his BB rate improved a lot. His WHIP was .91, so he has some potential.
20 Brent Keys OF FLA
For a HS hitter, Keys showed a great eye at the plate and enough patience to BB more than he K'd in his pro debut. He stole 13 bases but showed no pop. It may come and if it does, he could be a steal as a 17th rd draft pick.
21 Bryan Peterson , OF , FLA
22 Bryan Berglund , P , FLA
23 Carlos Cuevas , H , FLA
24 Edgar Olmos , P , FLA
25 Jose Rodriguez P FLA
26 Tom Hickman , OF , FLA
27 Sequoyah Stonecipher , OF , FLA
28 Chris Leroux , P , FLA
29 Yefri Perez , H , FLA
30 Osvaldo Martinez , SS , FLA
31 Alejandro Sanabia , P , FLA
32 Pete Andrelczyk , P , FLA
33 Graham Johnson , P , FLA
34 Jake Smolinski , 3B , FLA
35 Jose Torres , SS , FLA
36 Alvaro Estevez , P , FLA
37 Garrett Parcell , P , FLA
38 Arquimedes Caminero , P , FLA
39 Luis Ortiz , H , FLA
40 Danny Pertusati , 2B , FLA

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