Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Washington Nationals Top 40 prospects

I'm changing things up a little. I am only going to post reports for the first 20. I just don't have the time to do the top 40 for all teams. If there is a demand for it, I would do it, but for now I can't continue. If you would be interested in the top 40, email me(garrioch13@yahoo.com)or comment here and if there are enough, I will continue to work on them. I'm doing this blog for me, because I enjoy it, but I want everyone to enjoy it.

OK, here are the Nationals(Bryce Harper not included):
1 Stephen Strasburg , P , WSH
Strasburg is the most hyped prospect as long as I can remember but should live up to it. He is a a future ace. The future may be as soon as next 2010.
2 Derek Norris , C , WSH
Norris looks to be the real deal with 23 HR, 90 BB's and good defense. A personal favorite.
3 Drew Storen , P , WSH
Storen was looked at as a rach at 10th overall but signed quickly and made it to AA and pitched well throughout his pro debut. He could be the Nats closer in 2010.
4 Chris Marrero , 1B , WSH
Marrero has good skills, hit well, takes walks but needs time to develop. His power hasn't developed like I thought it would.
5 Bradley Meyers , P , WSH
Meyers relies on his command to pick apart hitters. He needs work on his secondary stuff but I like him and think he can succeed.
6 Micheal Burgess , OF , WSH
Burgess can hit the ball a mile but making contact is the problem. He struck out 135 times this season. He has the tools to be a superstar, he just needs to learn to use them.
7 JP Ramirez , OF , WSH
Ramirez hit well enough in SS this year but didn't walk a lot, got caught stealing too much and has a ways to go, but could end up a starting LF in Washington.
8 Marcos Frias , P , WSH
Frias was signed out of the Dominican Republic and had a good season last year. This year he gave up fewer hits and increased his strikeout rate. He could break out next season.
9 Danny Espinosa , SS , WSH
Espinosa is a decent shortstop who hit well, stole a few bases and had good OBP. He could be a very good all around 2B.
10 Eury Perez , OF , WSH
Perez had an amazing season in the GCL, slugging over .500 and hitting .381. His overall game is good and if he can carry forward with some of this ability with the bat, he could be a breakout player.
11 Jack McGeary , P , WSH
Mcgeary had a great season in 2008, but the wheel came off this year. He dedicated himself to baseball this year and…it didn't work. I have to wonder if he was hurt this year.
12 Destin Hood , OF , WSH
Hood has great tools and hit well in rookie ball but didn't do the best in short season. If he can turn his vast tools into skills, he could be a star.
13 Steve Lombardozzi , 2B , WSH
Lombardozzi has gap power, some speed, takes a walk and plays decent defense. He could be a good utility man.
14 Tom Milone , P , WSH
Milone doesn't have great stuff but suceeds without it. I'm not sure it will hold up at higher levels.
15 Josh Smoker , P , WSH
Smoker pitched in rookie ball again this year after having shoulder surgery last winter. I'm not sure where he'll begin next year, but he seems to be starting over, so I would guess low A ball. He could move quickly next year though.
16 Will Atwood , P , WSH
Atwood pitched better than his ERA and his other stats looked good with a 118-40 K-BB ratio in 136 IP. He has a 3 pitch mix but his curve needs work.
17 Hendry Jimenez , 2B , WSH
Jimenez is a short switch hitter. He has some speed and can get on base. I don't know much beyond that. The stats say to keep an eye on him.
18 Marco Estrada , P , WSH
Estrada pitched in the bigs this season in relief as well as in 2008. He put up good numbers in the minors and looked ok in the bigs. I could see him being a good reliever or even a 4th starter for the Nats. I like him. His curve is an outpitch.
19 Adrian Nieto , C , WSH
Nieto showed patience at the plate and little else repeating the GCL. He was highly rated out of high school but may have just been lucky playing on the same high school team as Eric Hosmer and moving up due to being seen a lot.
20 Justin Maxwell , OF , WSH
Maxwell is 6-5, 235 with a high ceiling, so he could turn out to be a player, but right now he is a 4th OF at best. He k's rate hit a career high this season and hasn't shown a lot since he was in high A in 2007.
21 John Martin , P , WSH
22 Martin Beno , P , WSH
23 A.J. Morris , P , WSH
24 Evan Bronson , P , WSH
25 Zech Zinicola , P , WSH
26 Paul Demny , P , WSH
27 Stephen Englund , P , WSH
28 Boomer Whiting , OF , WSH
29 Ian Desmond , SS , WSH
30 Jeff Kobernus , 2B , WSH
31 Bobby Hansen , P , WSH
32 Nathan Karns , P , WSH
33 Roberto Perez , SS , WSH
34 Stephen King , SS , WSH
35 Luis Atilano , P , WSH
36 Francisco Soriano , 2B , WSH
37 Leonard Davis , OF , WSH
38 Joel Guzman , 3B , WSH
39 Erik Arnesen , P , WSH
40 Brad Peacock , P , WSH


  1. Great blog Matt, GB of the Northmen from PG here. The lists are great, I'm enjoying reading the reports. I can totally understand how doing 40 would be too time consumming though.

    Did you miss Aaron Thompson intentionally or was that an oversight? He came over in the Nick Johnson deal last season. I think he should be somewhere in the top 15 here.

  2. Thanks. Good catch. Still had him as a Marlin. He would be #19 on the Nats.