Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates Top Prospects

1 Pedro Alvarez , 3B , PIT
Alvarez started the season slowly but tore the cover off the ball at a .333/.419/.590 clip in AA. He still struck out a lot but I don't see that stopping him from being a good ball player. For some reason, whenever I see him, I think of Kevin Young…hmm.
2 Jose Tabata , OF , PIT
Tabata has shown good skill everywhere he plays but the power still hasn't shown up. I'm not worried about that yet as he is only 20 and holding his own in AAA. He had decent plate discipline but needs to work on his baserunning.
3 Tony Sanchez , C , PIT
Sanchez was an overdraft but that doesn't mean he won't be a solid player. He will more than likely be a solid big league catcher and have a decent career, but I don't see him being a star.
4 Tim Alderson , P , PIT
Alderson was aquired from the Giants this season and did not fare well after joining Altoona. I have to wonder if didn't have some fatigue or even an injury. He is projectable and could add a few pounds and some velocity. That could make him a solid mid rotation starter(which is a #1 in Pittsburgh)
5 Brad Lincoln , P , PIT
Lincoln had a good season in AA and AAA. He has very good control and has a good curveball, but needs to work on his change to be a starter. He will more than likely get a chance in the rotation either way though.
6 Robbie Grossman , OF , PIT
Grossman started the year in the Sally league, surprisingly, for a raw high schooler. Held his own, hitting .266, stealing 35 bases and walking 75 times. He struck out 164 times though. He needs time but could be very good.
7 Rudy Owens , P , PIT
Owens had great stats this season striking out 113 in 124 IP and only walking 17. He was an overslot sign in 2007 and is living up to it.
8 Zack Von Rosenberg , P , PIT
Von Rosenberg was a big sign getting him away from LSU but could be the equivalent of another 1st round draft pick. He is very projectable and has great stuff already.
9 Chase D'Arnaud , SS , PIT
D'Arnaud is a solid hitter that can play all over the field. I think SS is his spot currently and should develop into an average SS with good pop. He can also 3B and is well suited being a utility player as soon as 2010.
10 Gorkys Hernandez , OF , PIT
Hernandez is a very athletic OF that lacks power and needs to cut back on the K's to be a useful top of the order guy. His baserunning has regressed greatly since 2007. I'm not sold he will be more than a 4th OF'er.
11 Neil Walker , 3B , PIT
Walker is a hometown boy, but has done nothing to show that he is a prospect since 2007. Almost everything has regressed since then. He is athletic and has moved from C to 3B and may end up in the OF. He still has a shot, but it is looking less likely all the time.
12 Colton Cain , P , PIT
Cain is 6'3" and a very good power hitting 1B but will be used at a pitcher. He has a mid 90's fastball and struck out 19 guys earlier this year. He is very raw but has a huge ceiling.
13 Daniel Mccutchen , P , PIT
Mccutchen is old for a prospect and has decent stuff but it he isn't gonna blow anybody away.
14 Brooks Pounders , P , PIT
Pounders is another high ceiling high school pitcher that the Pirates drafted this season. He has four pitches with the low 90's fastball being the best. He's 6'5" and 220 and has a workhorse build.
15 Joey Schoenfeld , C , PIT
Schoenfeld is an athletic, strong and toolsy. He has good speed and could end up moving to a corner spot, infield or outfield as he fills out if he can’t stay at catcher. He is a good hitter but is raw. Neil Walker part 2?
16 Jeff Locke , P , PIT
Locke gives up a lot of hits and walks more than he should, but he's a lefty with good stuff and has strikeout ability, at least in the low minors. He came over from the Braves, so it could be bad they gave him up, or good they drafted him in the first place. He may need a little more time than some but I think he could be a big league starter in 2012.
17 Trent Stevenson , P , PIT
Stevenson is a tall, skinny righty who can hit 90. He has a lot of filling out to do and could easily add a couple MPH's to his FB. Getting his long frame to repeat mechanics will be crucial, but he has a very high ceiling.
18 Victor Black , P , PIT
Black is a big righty with mid 90's velocity. He is raw mechanically and his secondary pitches suffer due to this. I see his as a back of the bullpen arm.
19 Exicardo Cayones , OF , PIT
Cayones is a potential 5 tool centerfielder that has a nice line drive stroke from the left side. He is very raw and is far away from helping but I like his chances.
20 Aaron Baker , 1B , PIT
Keep an eye on this guy. He has huge power and very good plate discipline. He is a big guy who could possibly head back to catcher if the Pirates want to try it. I remember noting that he could develop into a 1st round talent at Oklahoma but failed to put it together. I like him though.
21 Daniel Moskos , P , PIT
21 Matt McSwain , P , PIT
22 Brian Leach , P , PIT
24 Jim Negrych , 2B , PIT
25 Brett Lorin , P , PIT
26 Starling Marte , OF , PIT
27 Brian Friday , SS , PIT
28 Zack Dodson , P , PIT
29 Ray Chang , P , PIT
30 Quincy Latimore , OF , PIT
31 Bryan Morris , P , PIT
32 Ronald Uviedo , P , PIT
33 Kyle McPherson , P , PIT
34 Justin Wilson , P , PIT
35 Evan Chambers , OF , PIT
36 Jason Erickson , P , PIT
37 Shelby Ford , 2B , PIT
38 Gift Ngoepe PIT
39 Zac Fuesser , P , PIT
40 Jeff Inman , P , PIT

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