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No progress...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...belated.
Been really busy the last few days so I've made no progress. Gonna get to work again soon and hopefully have a few updates coming soon.

I do feel a little better about the work I did on the DSL and VSL though.
Ben Badler from Baseball America said this of my lists via Twitter:
I haven't made my calls yet for those leagues, but it looks like you have a lot of the right names there

Dominican Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
I could go deeper but I only went 25 here as I don't know who any of them are past this. I'm not even familiar with most of these guys. I like Mejias, Duran, Calderon, Domoromo, and Morillo the most.

1 Cesar Ciurcina , P , MIN
2 Alving Mejias , P , COL
3 Grabiel Hernandez , SS , STL
4 Rafael Ortega , OF , COL
5 Pedro Guerra , P , MIN
6 Randol Rojas , P , TEX
7 Andy Otero , P , ATL
8 Wilson Sanchez , P , MIN
9 Gilbert Gomez , OF , NYM
10 Yucarybert De La Cruz , 2B , NYM
11 Kelvin Duran , OF , NYY
12 Lewis Urena , 2B , BOS
13 Smaily Borges , 1B , CHC
14 Dioris Robles , OF , CLE
15 Keury De La Cruz , OF , BOS
16 Yeico Calderon , OF , NYY
17 Carlos Willoughby , 2B , SF
18 Luis Domoromo , OF , SD
19 Teodoro Martinez , OF , TEX
20 Arismendy Alcantara , SS , CHC
21 Eswarlin Jimenez , P , LAA
22 Gabriel Perez , P , LAA
23 Ericson Leonora , OF , NYY
24 Luis de L…

Venezuelan Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
I could go deeper but I only went 25 here as I don't know who any of them are past this. I'm not even familiar with most of these guys. I like Guevara, Cayonez, Narvaez and Purroy the most.

1 Erasmo Ramirez , P , SEA
2 Hector Guevara , SS , TB
3 Jorge Bishop , SS , PIT
4 Dixon Machado , SS , DET
5 David Pino , 3B , PIT
6 Junior Sosa , OF , PIT
7 Exicardo Cayonez , OF , PIT
8 Ivan Ramirez , 1B , SEA
9 Luis Sanz , C , DET
10 Roan Salas , 1B , TB
11 Raul Ruiz , P , PIT
12 Javier Avendano , P , STL
13 Omar Narvaez , C , TB
14 Jose Colmenares , 2B , TB
15 Deimer Bier , P , STL
16 Gabriel Purroy , C , DET
17 Willians Astudillo , C , PHI
18 Roberto Espinoza , P , PIT
19 Eduards Tolo , 3B , PHI
20 Dimas Ponce , 2B , PIT
21 Eugenio Suarez , 3B , DET
22 Marco Davalillo , C , PHI
23 Michael Acevedo , OF , SEA
24 Ildemaro Vargas , 2B , STL
25 Carlos Oraa , P , STL

Pittsburgh Pirates Top Prospects

1 Pedro Alvarez , 3B , PIT
Alvarez started the season slowly but tore the cover off the ball at a .333/.419/.590 clip in AA. He still struck out a lot but I don't see that stopping him from being a good ball player. For some reason, whenever I see him, I think of Kevin Young…hmm.
2 Jose Tabata , OF , PIT
Tabata has shown good skill everywhere he plays but the power still hasn't shown up. I'm not worried about that yet as he is only 20 and holding his own in AAA. He had decent plate discipline but needs to work on his baserunning.
3 Tony Sanchez , C , PIT
Sanchez was an overdraft but that doesn't mean he won't be a solid player. He will more than likely be a solid big league catcher and have a decent career, but I don't see him being a star.
4 Tim Alderson , P , PIT
Alderson was aquired from the Giants this season and did not fare well after joining Altoona. I have to wonder if didn't have some fatigue or even an injury. He is projectable…

Some Links

Interesting Dynasty League Draft going on over here..
Andy Seiler is a great MLB Draft mind and is starting a Dynasty League. Thought it would be worth a post. A lot of 2010, 2011 Draftees going early.
Interesting to see a guy like Stetson Allie go ahead of Randall Grichuk or Rich Poythress.

Great video of Ackley facing Strasburg in the AFL and much more here

I'm working on the Pirates right now, but time has been limited.

Seattle Mariners Top Prospects

1 Dustin Ackley , OF , SEA
Ackley is a sweet swinging lefty who could contend for batting titles in his career. Could join Ichiro in the Seattle OF late in 2010. He needs some time to learn the OF as he was a 1B in college. I love this guy.
2 Micheal Saunders , OF , SEA
Saunders had a great season in AAA but struggled mightily in the majors. He has a chance to break with the big league team. He has all the skills to be a very good big leaguer. They need to set him loose in LF and hope he can hit better than he did in his first try and lay off the off-speed stuff.
3 Carlos Triunfel , SS , SEA
Triunfel missed most of 2009 this season due to a broken fibula but returned at the end of the season. He has great plate discipline and doesn't K much, but I am unsure he will have the same speed as he did. Even if he doesn't, I still think he will be a very good player.
4 Julio Morban , OF , SEA
Over half of Morban's hits in the AZL went for extra bases. He struck out a l…

I'll post more this weekend.

I've fallen behind bacause of all my tests in school. Tough going back after 8 years when I wasn't much of a fan when I was going the first time. I've been tweaking my formulas and working on a different project for the blog once I get done with the rankings for each team.
I'm not sure when I'll roll it out but I have a lot of plans for the coming months.
Hope you guys are enjoying what I'm doing here and continue coming back. I'm getting more hits in a day now than I was in a month earlier this year. THANK YOU!

If anyone wants info on certain players or anything else, let me know.

Baltimore Orioles' Top 40 Prospects

1 Brian Matusz , P , BAL
Matusz was the 2nd pick in the 2008 draft and has done nothing to show that he shouldn't have been. He already made his big league debut and looks to be a lock in the Orioles rotation in 2010.
2 Jake Arrieta , P , BAL
Arrieta occasionally shows the stuff to be a frontline starter but looks like a #3 behind Matusz and Tillman unless he can gain consistency. He should start 2010 in AAA to work on that.
3 Josh Bell , 3B , BAL
Bell was acquired mid season for George Sherill. He was having a decent season before the trade and really picked it up afterwards. He projects as a middle of the order bat if he can keep it up.
4 Zach Britton , P , BAL
Britton is a sinkerballer with a great groundball rate and has a good strikeout rate. That is the formula for a top pitcher. 131 K's, 55 BB's in 140 IP.
5 Brandon Snyder , 1B , BAL
Snyder had a great season in AA hitting .343/.421/.597 , but lost his power in AAA. He needs to find …

Texas Rangers Top 40 prospects

1 Neftali Feliz , P , TEX
Feliz dominated major league hitters with a fastball that routinely approaches triple digits. He may have more of a challenge if he is used as a starter, but he has all the talent to succeed no matter where he pitches.
2 Justin Smoak , 1B , TEX
Smoak did not hit for the power I expected this year, but his approach was very good as was his defense. He really cooled off after his June oblique injury.
3 Martin Perez , P , TEX
Perez was used in starting and relief roles this year in Low A and AA, dominating in the former, but struggling a little in the latter. He was only 19 and has great stuff. He will be on this list again next season, maybe as the top pitcher.
4 Tanner Scheppers , P , TEX
Scheppers has had some shoulder problems and they caused him to fall in the draft, but he has some of the best stuff from this years crop.
5 Robbie Ross , P , TEX
Ross is a small lefty with big stuff. Did very well is short season this seaso…

Washington Nationals Top 40 prospects

I'm changing things up a little. I am only going to post reports for the first 20. I just don't have the time to do the top 40 for all teams. If there is a demand for it, I would do it, but for now I can't continue. If you would be interested in the top 40, email me( comment here and if there are enough, I will continue to work on them. I'm doing this blog for me, because I enjoy it, but I want everyone to enjoy it.

OK, here are the Nationals(Bryce Harper not included):
1 Stephen Strasburg , P , WSH
Strasburg is the most hyped prospect as long as I can remember but should live up to it. He is a a future ace. The future may be as soon as next 2010.
2 Derek Norris , C , WSH
Norris looks to be the real deal with 23 HR, 90 BB's and good defense. A personal favorite.
3 Drew Storen , P , WSH
Storen was looked at as a rach at 10th overall but signed quickly and made it to AA and pitched well throughout his pro debut. He could be the Nats …