Saturday, November 28, 2009

No progress...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...belated.
Been really busy the last few days so I've made no progress. Gonna get to work again soon and hopefully have a few updates coming soon.

I do feel a little better about the work I did on the DSL and VSL though.
Ben Badler from Baseball America said this of my lists via Twitter:
I haven't made my calls yet for those leagues, but it looks like you have a lot of the right names there

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dominican Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
I could go deeper but I only went 25 here as I don't know who any of them are past this. I'm not even familiar with most of these guys. I like Mejias, Duran, Calderon, Domoromo, and Morillo the most.

1 Cesar Ciurcina , P , MIN
2 Alving Mejias , P , COL
3 Grabiel Hernandez , SS , STL
4 Rafael Ortega , OF , COL
5 Pedro Guerra , P , MIN
6 Randol Rojas , P , TEX
7 Andy Otero , P , ATL
8 Wilson Sanchez , P , MIN
9 Gilbert Gomez , OF , NYM
10 Yucarybert De La Cruz , 2B , NYM
11 Kelvin Duran , OF , NYY
12 Lewis Urena , 2B , BOS
13 Smaily Borges , 1B , CHC
14 Dioris Robles , OF , CLE
15 Keury De La Cruz , OF , BOS
16 Yeico Calderon , OF , NYY
17 Carlos Willoughby , 2B , SF
18 Luis Domoromo , OF , SD
19 Teodoro Martinez , OF , TEX
20 Arismendy Alcantara , SS , CHC
21 Eswarlin Jimenez , P , LAA
22 Gabriel Perez , P , LAA
23 Ericson Leonora , OF , NYY
24 Luis de Luna , P , ATL
25 Julian Morillo , SS , TB

Venezuelan Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
I could go deeper but I only went 25 here as I don't know who any of them are past this. I'm not even familiar with most of these guys. I like Guevara, Cayonez, Narvaez and Purroy the most.

1 Erasmo Ramirez , P , SEA
2 Hector Guevara , SS , TB
3 Jorge Bishop , SS , PIT
4 Dixon Machado , SS , DET
5 David Pino , 3B , PIT
6 Junior Sosa , OF , PIT
7 Exicardo Cayonez , OF , PIT
8 Ivan Ramirez , 1B , SEA
9 Luis Sanz , C , DET
10 Roan Salas , 1B , TB
11 Raul Ruiz , P , PIT
12 Javier Avendano , P , STL
13 Omar Narvaez , C , TB
14 Jose Colmenares , 2B , TB
15 Deimer Bier , P , STL
16 Gabriel Purroy , C , DET
17 Willians Astudillo , C , PHI
18 Roberto Espinoza , P , PIT
19 Eduards Tolo , 3B , PHI
20 Dimas Ponce , 2B , PIT
21 Eugenio Suarez , 3B , DET
22 Marco Davalillo , C , PHI
23 Michael Acevedo , OF , SEA
24 Ildemaro Vargas , 2B , STL
25 Carlos Oraa , P , STL

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates Top Prospects

1 Pedro Alvarez , 3B , PIT
Alvarez started the season slowly but tore the cover off the ball at a .333/.419/.590 clip in AA. He still struck out a lot but I don't see that stopping him from being a good ball player. For some reason, whenever I see him, I think of Kevin Young…hmm.
2 Jose Tabata , OF , PIT
Tabata has shown good skill everywhere he plays but the power still hasn't shown up. I'm not worried about that yet as he is only 20 and holding his own in AAA. He had decent plate discipline but needs to work on his baserunning.
3 Tony Sanchez , C , PIT
Sanchez was an overdraft but that doesn't mean he won't be a solid player. He will more than likely be a solid big league catcher and have a decent career, but I don't see him being a star.
4 Tim Alderson , P , PIT
Alderson was aquired from the Giants this season and did not fare well after joining Altoona. I have to wonder if didn't have some fatigue or even an injury. He is projectable and could add a few pounds and some velocity. That could make him a solid mid rotation starter(which is a #1 in Pittsburgh)
5 Brad Lincoln , P , PIT
Lincoln had a good season in AA and AAA. He has very good control and has a good curveball, but needs to work on his change to be a starter. He will more than likely get a chance in the rotation either way though.
6 Robbie Grossman , OF , PIT
Grossman started the year in the Sally league, surprisingly, for a raw high schooler. Held his own, hitting .266, stealing 35 bases and walking 75 times. He struck out 164 times though. He needs time but could be very good.
7 Rudy Owens , P , PIT
Owens had great stats this season striking out 113 in 124 IP and only walking 17. He was an overslot sign in 2007 and is living up to it.
8 Zack Von Rosenberg , P , PIT
Von Rosenberg was a big sign getting him away from LSU but could be the equivalent of another 1st round draft pick. He is very projectable and has great stuff already.
9 Chase D'Arnaud , SS , PIT
D'Arnaud is a solid hitter that can play all over the field. I think SS is his spot currently and should develop into an average SS with good pop. He can also 3B and is well suited being a utility player as soon as 2010.
10 Gorkys Hernandez , OF , PIT
Hernandez is a very athletic OF that lacks power and needs to cut back on the K's to be a useful top of the order guy. His baserunning has regressed greatly since 2007. I'm not sold he will be more than a 4th OF'er.
11 Neil Walker , 3B , PIT
Walker is a hometown boy, but has done nothing to show that he is a prospect since 2007. Almost everything has regressed since then. He is athletic and has moved from C to 3B and may end up in the OF. He still has a shot, but it is looking less likely all the time.
12 Colton Cain , P , PIT
Cain is 6'3" and a very good power hitting 1B but will be used at a pitcher. He has a mid 90's fastball and struck out 19 guys earlier this year. He is very raw but has a huge ceiling.
13 Daniel Mccutchen , P , PIT
Mccutchen is old for a prospect and has decent stuff but it he isn't gonna blow anybody away.
14 Brooks Pounders , P , PIT
Pounders is another high ceiling high school pitcher that the Pirates drafted this season. He has four pitches with the low 90's fastball being the best. He's 6'5" and 220 and has a workhorse build.
15 Joey Schoenfeld , C , PIT
Schoenfeld is an athletic, strong and toolsy. He has good speed and could end up moving to a corner spot, infield or outfield as he fills out if he can’t stay at catcher. He is a good hitter but is raw. Neil Walker part 2?
16 Jeff Locke , P , PIT
Locke gives up a lot of hits and walks more than he should, but he's a lefty with good stuff and has strikeout ability, at least in the low minors. He came over from the Braves, so it could be bad they gave him up, or good they drafted him in the first place. He may need a little more time than some but I think he could be a big league starter in 2012.
17 Trent Stevenson , P , PIT
Stevenson is a tall, skinny righty who can hit 90. He has a lot of filling out to do and could easily add a couple MPH's to his FB. Getting his long frame to repeat mechanics will be crucial, but he has a very high ceiling.
18 Victor Black , P , PIT
Black is a big righty with mid 90's velocity. He is raw mechanically and his secondary pitches suffer due to this. I see his as a back of the bullpen arm.
19 Exicardo Cayones , OF , PIT
Cayones is a potential 5 tool centerfielder that has a nice line drive stroke from the left side. He is very raw and is far away from helping but I like his chances.
20 Aaron Baker , 1B , PIT
Keep an eye on this guy. He has huge power and very good plate discipline. He is a big guy who could possibly head back to catcher if the Pirates want to try it. I remember noting that he could develop into a 1st round talent at Oklahoma but failed to put it together. I like him though.
21 Daniel Moskos , P , PIT
21 Matt McSwain , P , PIT
22 Brian Leach , P , PIT
24 Jim Negrych , 2B , PIT
25 Brett Lorin , P , PIT
26 Starling Marte , OF , PIT
27 Brian Friday , SS , PIT
28 Zack Dodson , P , PIT
29 Ray Chang , P , PIT
30 Quincy Latimore , OF , PIT
31 Bryan Morris , P , PIT
32 Ronald Uviedo , P , PIT
33 Kyle McPherson , P , PIT
34 Justin Wilson , P , PIT
35 Evan Chambers , OF , PIT
36 Jason Erickson , P , PIT
37 Shelby Ford , 2B , PIT
38 Gift Ngoepe PIT
39 Zac Fuesser , P , PIT
40 Jeff Inman , P , PIT

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Links

Interesting Dynasty League Draft going on over here..
Andy Seiler is a great MLB Draft mind and is starting a Dynasty League. Thought it would be worth a post. A lot of 2010, 2011 Draftees going early.
Interesting to see a guy like Stetson Allie go ahead of Randall Grichuk or Rich Poythress.

Great video of Ackley facing Strasburg in the AFL and much more here

I'm working on the Pirates right now, but time has been limited.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seattle Mariners Top Prospects

1 Dustin Ackley , OF , SEA
Ackley is a sweet swinging lefty who could contend for batting titles in his career. Could join Ichiro in the Seattle OF late in 2010. He needs some time to learn the OF as he was a 1B in college. I love this guy.
2 Micheal Saunders , OF , SEA
Saunders had a great season in AAA but struggled mightily in the majors. He has a chance to break with the big league team. He has all the skills to be a very good big leaguer. They need to set him loose in LF and hope he can hit better than he did in his first try and lay off the off-speed stuff.
3 Carlos Triunfel , SS , SEA
Triunfel missed most of 2009 this season due to a broken fibula but returned at the end of the season. He has great plate discipline and doesn't K much, but I am unsure he will have the same speed as he did. Even if he doesn't, I still think he will be a very good player.
4 Julio Morban , OF , SEA
Over half of Morban's hits in the AZL went for extra bases. He struck out a lot and didn't walk much but he has a great swing and was only 17 this year. Many others are still in the DSL at this point. I really like this guy.
5 Ezequiel Carrera , OF , SEA
Carrera has shown great plate discipline at every level. He has very good speed and has some pop in his bat. I'm sure I will have him higher than most, but I believe in him.
6 Alex Liddi , 3B , SEA
Liddi tore up the Cal league this year after just being horrid the last 2+ seasons in Wisconsin. I'm not sure what changed and I hope it's not a mirage for his sake and the Mariners sake.
7 Tyson Gillies , OF , SEA
Gillies dominated again this season hitting .341 and slugging .486. He stole 44 bases but got caught 19 times. A lot of his slugging came from all the 3B's he hit and it won't continue as he moves up the ladder, but he is an explosive player.
8 Greg Halman , OF , SEA
Halman is a very athletic outfielder who had a rough season in AA. He only hit .210 and struck out 183 times…yep, 183 in 457 AB. This guy could start hitting the ball more and develop into a stud or just never hit the ball consistently enough to make it in the majors.
9 Phillippe Aumont , P , SEA
Aumont has been moved to the bullpen this season, so his ceiling just dropped some. He has a great arm and could be a hell of a bullpen arm. He has had elbow trouble in the past but it may not stop him from starting in the M's bullpen when the team breaks from spring training.
10 Rich Poythress , 1B , SEA
Poythress was one of the best hitters available in the draft this year and the M's tested him by putting him in AA already. He didn't hit real well, but his discipline was good and I think he will do well next season in the Southern league.
11 Mario Martinez , 3B , SEA
Martinez hit at a very good clip in SS ball but he didn't hit well in Low A ball. He needs to work on his discipline but he has plenty of time to do that. He'll repeat Low A next season and has a high ceiling as a solid defensive, power hitting 3B.
12 Juan Ramirez , P , SEA
Ramirez has good stuff but was hit hard in the California league. Ramirez had good K and BB numbers and could breakout when he gets out of the CAL.
13 Guillermo Pimentel , OF , SEA
Pimentel shows advanced hitting ability for a 16 yr old and can pick up on offspeed pitches in games. Could have 70 power. He's mediocre defensively. He has a huge ceiling and I am very intrigued by him.
14 Josh Fields , P , SEA
Fields confuses me. He has great stuff and is wild. He gets hit hard also. He needs to get better command or he will never amount to much. If his control comes around, he will be a great back of the bullpen arm, but until then, he will be relegated to poor performances.
15 Carlos Peguero , OF , SEA
Peguero walked 3 times as much as he did last season and his SLG jumped 80 points. He has the size to be a masher. He hit 66 extra base hits including 31 homers, but I won't be a believer until he does it somewhere other then High Desert.
16 Mike Carp , 1B , SEA
Carp is a good prospect who could be an average big league first baseman but will never be a star. He should hit .260-.270 with 15-20 HR's and 80-100 RBI's
17 Steve Baron , C , SEA
Baron agreed to a pre draft deal with the Mariners, getting drated in the supplemental first round. His bat was the biggest weakness in scouting reports and he reinforced it in the APPY league batting .179 and striking out 38 times in 106 AB's.
18 Joe Dunigan , 1B , SEA
Dunigan is similar to Peguero in the fact that he has the size and swing to be a masher but has yet to do it consistently or anywhere other than High Desert. If he does, look out.
19 James McOwen , OF , SEA
You may have heard about McOwen and his 45 game hitting streak earlier this season. He will not be the next Dimaggio. He had a good season, but I don't think he can continue it out of the CAL league.
20 Kenn Kasparek , P , SEA
Kasparek pitched very well in Low A but was old for the league and the MWL is pitcher friendly. He is a monster at 6'8" and has good control but I don't see him as a top of the line kind of pitcher.
21 Nate Tenbrink , 3B , SEA
22 Michael Pineda , P , SEA
23 Nick Franklin , SS , SEA
24 Steve Hensley , P , SEA
25 Shawn Kelley , P , SEA
26 Donnie Hume , P , SEA
27 Dennis Raben , OF , SEA
28 James Jones , OF , SEA
29 Adam Moore , C , SEA
30 Gabriel Noriega , SS , SEA
31 Bobby LaFramboise , P , SEA
32 Edilio Colina , 2B , SEA
33 Nicholas Hill , P , SEA
34 Gaby Hernandez , P , SEA
35 Cheyne Hann , P , SEA
36 Jharmidy DeJesus , 3B , SEA
37 Reegie Corona , 2B , SEA
38 Brett Lorin , P , SEA
39 Matt Tuiasosopo , 3B , SEA
40 Denny Almonte , OF , SEA

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'll post more this weekend.

I've fallen behind bacause of all my tests in school. Tough going back after 8 years when I wasn't much of a fan when I was going the first time. I've been tweaking my formulas and working on a different project for the blog once I get done with the rankings for each team.
I'm not sure when I'll roll it out but I have a lot of plans for the coming months.
Hope you guys are enjoying what I'm doing here and continue coming back. I'm getting more hits in a day now than I was in a month earlier this year. THANK YOU!

If anyone wants info on certain players or anything else, let me know.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baltimore Orioles' Top 40 Prospects

1 Brian Matusz , P , BAL
Matusz was the 2nd pick in the 2008 draft and has done nothing to show that he shouldn't have been. He already made his big league debut and looks to be a lock in the Orioles rotation in 2010.
2 Jake Arrieta , P , BAL
Arrieta occasionally shows the stuff to be a frontline starter but looks like a #3 behind Matusz and Tillman unless he can gain consistency. He should start 2010 in AAA to work on that.
3 Josh Bell , 3B , BAL
Bell was acquired mid season for George Sherill. He was having a decent season before the trade and really picked it up afterwards. He projects as a middle of the order bat if he can keep it up.
4 Zach Britton , P , BAL
Britton is a sinkerballer with a great groundball rate and has a good strikeout rate. That is the formula for a top pitcher. 131 K's, 55 BB's in 140 IP.
5 Brandon Snyder , 1B , BAL
Snyder had a great season in AA hitting .343/.421/.597 , but lost his power in AAA. He needs to find his swing in AAA before making an impact in the Bigs.
6 Matt Hobgood , P , BAL
Hobgood didn't excel in his first run at pro ball but didn't embarrass himself either. He has a lot of refining to do but has a lot of upside too.
7 Brandon Erbe , P , BAL
Erbe pitched well in AA this season but still needs to cut down on walks. He only allowed 44 hits in 73 innings so he was effectively wild. He has some shoulder concerns but it shouldn't hinder him next season.
8 Xavier Avery , OF , BAL
Avery is raw and athletic. He stole 30 bases this year and did well in low A for his age. He hasn't hit for power yet and has poor plate discipline, but he has time. He is at least 3 years away from making an impact.
9 LJ Hoes , 2B , BAL
Hoes struggled in his full season debut. His plate discipline seemingly regressed but it looks as if he is now a full time 2B. He stole 20 bases but didn't hit for power. A raw 2008 pick out of high school, he is also 3+ years away.
10 Kam Mickolio , P , BAL
Mickolio had another strong season in relief in AAA. I think he as proven himself there and just needs an opportunity in the big leagues. He could be a sleeper for the closer job in Baltimore in 2010.
11 Caleb Joseph , C , BAL
Joseph had a good season in the Cal league hitting 12 HR's in 104 games. He has decent plate discipline but could walk more. He could be a big league backup.
12 Bobby Bundy , P , BAL
Bundy was talked to be a potential 1st rounder in 2008, but fell to the 8th due to signability and injury(ACL). He didn't pitch well in rookie ball giving up 6 hr's in 54 IP. He also didn't strike many guys out. He will be interesting to watch next season.
13 Jacob Cowan , P , BAL
Cowan fell all the way to the 10th round this year when he could have been a 3rd rounder if his stuff was there. He has arm issues, but I don't think they will be long term. He is a personal favorite.
14 Michael Ohlman , C , BAL
Ohlman only played in games this summer after siging late but was one of Baltimores late round bank busters. Ohlman has a lot of pop and may end up in a corner, whether that is in the IF or OF. He is athletic enough to play 3B and could hit enough for that spot.
15 Brandon Waring , 3B , BAL
Waring's main asset is his power hitting 27 HR's this season, but he was old for the league and struck out a lot. He needs to do it at a higher level before I belive he can be an MLB player.
16 Cameron Coffey , P , BAL
Coffey was on his way to being a 1st rounder until he blew out his elbow. He had TJ surgery and the O's took the chance and signed him. It is reminiscent of Nick Adenhart's(R.I.P.) story.
17 Cole McCurry , P , BAL
Mccurry was a 43rd round pick in 2007, so he isn't a hyped guy, but his 145:46 K/BB got my attention. He was old for low A ball but could be a sleeper.
18 Troy Patton , P , BAL
Patton was a top prospect for the Astors a long time ago, so it seems, but has had shoulder surgery. He seemed to be on his game in AA this season, but fell apart in AAA. I am not real confident in him at this point.
19 Jesse Beal , P , BAL
Beal was an innings eater in rookie ball this year and walked next to no one. His K rate is very low so I don't expect this to continue in higher leagues.
20 Mychal Givens , SS , BAL
Givens has a rocket for an arm and was a draft prospect as a pitcher. The O's put him at SS. He'll make his pro debut in spring. He has a Shawon Dunston-like ceiling.
21 Oliver Drake , P , BAL
22 Brett Jacobson , P , BAL
23 Chorye Spoone , P , BAL
24 Matt Angle , OF , BAL
25 Nicholas Haughian , P , BAL
26 Kenneth Moreland , P , BAL
27 Ryan Berry , P , BAL
28 Billy Rowell , 3B , BAL
29 Justin Turner , 2B , BAL
30 Daurin Tavarez , P , BAL
31 Tyler Townsend , 1B , BAL
32 Angel Cespedes , P , BAL
33 Aaron Wirsch , P , BAL
34 Patrick Kantakevich , P , BAL
35 Travis Keating , P , BAL
36 Brenden Webb , OF , BAL
37 Tyler Kelly 2B BAL
38 Kyle Hudson , OF , BAL
39 Greg Miclat , SS , BAL
40 Pedro Beato , P , BAL

Five prepsters to follow for the 2010 Draft

My first article for Project Prospect is now up.
They also have some great coverage of the AFL and some videos of prospects moving up charts.
Adam is also currently doing his positional rankings that are well worth checking out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Texas Rangers Top 40 prospects

1 Neftali Feliz , P , TEX
Feliz dominated major league hitters with a fastball that routinely approaches triple digits. He may have more of a challenge if he is used as a starter, but he has all the talent to succeed no matter where he pitches.
2 Justin Smoak , 1B , TEX
Smoak did not hit for the power I expected this year, but his approach was very good as was his defense. He really cooled off after his June oblique injury.
3 Martin Perez , P , TEX
Perez was used in starting and relief roles this year in Low A and AA, dominating in the former, but struggling a little in the latter. He was only 19 and has great stuff. He will be on this list again next season, maybe as the top pitcher.
4 Tanner Scheppers , P , TEX
Scheppers has had some shoulder problems and they caused him to fall in the draft, but he has some of the best stuff from this years crop.
5 Robbie Ross , P , TEX
Ross is a small lefty with big stuff. Did very well is short season this season and could be a top 100 prospect next year if he continues this in full season ball in 2010.
6 Kasey Kiker , P , TEX
Kiker had a decent season in AA, but needs to cut back on the walks to move into the next tier of prospects.
7 Tomas Telis , C , TEX
Telis is a short switch hitting catcher with good pop and a good arm. He is raw and a long way from the bigs but I think he'll be a good one.
8 Max Ramirez , C , TEX
Ramirez melted down this year. His plate discipline fell apart, his power evaporated. I don't know what happened but I haven't given up on him. He is just too talented.
9 Julio Borbon , OF , TEX
Borbon can hit for average, take some walks and is athletic, but I don't think he can play CF so that will relegate him to LF. That will keep him from being as good as he could.
10 Wilmer Font , P , TEX
Font was young for LoA but held his own. He owns a great fastball, just needs to cut back on the walks and work on the secondary stuff.
11 Robbie Erlin , P , TEX
Erlin pitched only 4 innings in his pro debut and struck out 9 in that time. He is an athletic lefty with a great slider.
12 Mitch Moreland , 1B , TEX
Moreland has a rocket for a left arm and was a two way player at Mississippi, but has played OF and 1B for the Rangers. His bat intrigues me and he looks like he has the ability to be a big leaguer. He is a sleeper for me but it will be tought for him in Texas with Davis, Smoak, et al ahead of him.
13 Blake Beavan , P , TEX
Beaven has shown impeccable control so far as a pro. He has been promoted very quickly and his K rate disappeared in AA this season. The Rangers should keep him in AA all year next year and hope to see that K rate come back. If it does, he could be in the rotation in 2011.
14 Guillermo Moscoso , P , TEX
Moscoso pitched very well in the minors this season and his numbers translated well to Texas in the 14 IP he had. He could be a solid bullpen arm, but may be a sleeper to be a #4 or 5 starter for the Rangers next season.
15 Richard Bleier , P , TEX
Bleier only walked 24 in 167 IP and K'd 125 in Low A and High A. If he can do anywhere near this well in AA next year, he could help in Texas in 2011.
16 Wilfredo Boscan , P , TEX
Boscan walked only 19 in 105 IP in A ball. He could be another in the long line of good Texas pitching prospects.
17 Jake Brigham , P , TEX
Brigham was hit hard this season after having TJ surgery. He has good stuff and I think he can be a good big leaguer.
18 Micheal Main , P , TEX
2009 is was a lost season for Main who fought an illness that was called a virus but no one was quite sure what it was. 2010 should give Main a fresh start and he is young enough and talented enough to be an impact prospect.
19 Braden Tullis , P , TEX
Braden is a sinker, slider guy with a solid changeup that could be plus in time. He's a good athlete. He could be a sleeper.
20 Tommy Mendonca , 3B , TEX
Mendonca strikes out at an elite rate and is inconsistent across the board but has too much power to rate lower.
21 Tim Murphy , P , TEX
22 Jurickson Profar , SS , TEX
23 Marcus Lemon , SS , TEX
24 John Whittleman , 3B , TEX
25 Craig Gentry , OF , TEX
26 Carlos Pimentel , P , TEX
27 Omar Poveda , P , TEX
28 Miguel Velazquez OF TEX
29 Engel Beltre , OF , TEX
30 Thomas Diamond , P , TEX
31 Manny Solis , 3B , TEX
32 Eric Hurley , P , TEX
33 Tanner Roark , P , TEX
34 Kennil Gomez , P , TEX
35 Neil Ramirez , P , TEX
36 Joaquin Arias , SS , TEX
37 Esdras Abreu , 3B , TEX
38 Joe Wieland , P , TEX
39 Trevor Hurley , P , TEX
40 Tae Kyung Ahn , P , TEX

Poll Result

Who is the best pitching prospect?
Stephen Strasburg 51%
Madison Bumgarner 15%
Other 12%
Martin Perez 10%
Jordan Lyles 5%
Chris Tillman 3%

157 Votes

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Washington Nationals Top 40 prospects

I'm changing things up a little. I am only going to post reports for the first 20. I just don't have the time to do the top 40 for all teams. If there is a demand for it, I would do it, but for now I can't continue. If you would be interested in the top 40, email me( comment here and if there are enough, I will continue to work on them. I'm doing this blog for me, because I enjoy it, but I want everyone to enjoy it.

OK, here are the Nationals(Bryce Harper not included):
1 Stephen Strasburg , P , WSH
Strasburg is the most hyped prospect as long as I can remember but should live up to it. He is a a future ace. The future may be as soon as next 2010.
2 Derek Norris , C , WSH
Norris looks to be the real deal with 23 HR, 90 BB's and good defense. A personal favorite.
3 Drew Storen , P , WSH
Storen was looked at as a rach at 10th overall but signed quickly and made it to AA and pitched well throughout his pro debut. He could be the Nats closer in 2010.
4 Chris Marrero , 1B , WSH
Marrero has good skills, hit well, takes walks but needs time to develop. His power hasn't developed like I thought it would.
5 Bradley Meyers , P , WSH
Meyers relies on his command to pick apart hitters. He needs work on his secondary stuff but I like him and think he can succeed.
6 Micheal Burgess , OF , WSH
Burgess can hit the ball a mile but making contact is the problem. He struck out 135 times this season. He has the tools to be a superstar, he just needs to learn to use them.
7 JP Ramirez , OF , WSH
Ramirez hit well enough in SS this year but didn't walk a lot, got caught stealing too much and has a ways to go, but could end up a starting LF in Washington.
8 Marcos Frias , P , WSH
Frias was signed out of the Dominican Republic and had a good season last year. This year he gave up fewer hits and increased his strikeout rate. He could break out next season.
9 Danny Espinosa , SS , WSH
Espinosa is a decent shortstop who hit well, stole a few bases and had good OBP. He could be a very good all around 2B.
10 Eury Perez , OF , WSH
Perez had an amazing season in the GCL, slugging over .500 and hitting .381. His overall game is good and if he can carry forward with some of this ability with the bat, he could be a breakout player.
11 Jack McGeary , P , WSH
Mcgeary had a great season in 2008, but the wheel came off this year. He dedicated himself to baseball this year and…it didn't work. I have to wonder if he was hurt this year.
12 Destin Hood , OF , WSH
Hood has great tools and hit well in rookie ball but didn't do the best in short season. If he can turn his vast tools into skills, he could be a star.
13 Steve Lombardozzi , 2B , WSH
Lombardozzi has gap power, some speed, takes a walk and plays decent defense. He could be a good utility man.
14 Tom Milone , P , WSH
Milone doesn't have great stuff but suceeds without it. I'm not sure it will hold up at higher levels.
15 Josh Smoker , P , WSH
Smoker pitched in rookie ball again this year after having shoulder surgery last winter. I'm not sure where he'll begin next year, but he seems to be starting over, so I would guess low A ball. He could move quickly next year though.
16 Will Atwood , P , WSH
Atwood pitched better than his ERA and his other stats looked good with a 118-40 K-BB ratio in 136 IP. He has a 3 pitch mix but his curve needs work.
17 Hendry Jimenez , 2B , WSH
Jimenez is a short switch hitter. He has some speed and can get on base. I don't know much beyond that. The stats say to keep an eye on him.
18 Marco Estrada , P , WSH
Estrada pitched in the bigs this season in relief as well as in 2008. He put up good numbers in the minors and looked ok in the bigs. I could see him being a good reliever or even a 4th starter for the Nats. I like him. His curve is an outpitch.
19 Adrian Nieto , C , WSH
Nieto showed patience at the plate and little else repeating the GCL. He was highly rated out of high school but may have just been lucky playing on the same high school team as Eric Hosmer and moving up due to being seen a lot.
20 Justin Maxwell , OF , WSH
Maxwell is 6-5, 235 with a high ceiling, so he could turn out to be a player, but right now he is a 4th OF at best. He k's rate hit a career high this season and hasn't shown a lot since he was in high A in 2007.
21 John Martin , P , WSH
22 Martin Beno , P , WSH
23 A.J. Morris , P , WSH
24 Evan Bronson , P , WSH
25 Zech Zinicola , P , WSH
26 Paul Demny , P , WSH
27 Stephen Englund , P , WSH
28 Boomer Whiting , OF , WSH
29 Ian Desmond , SS , WSH
30 Jeff Kobernus , 2B , WSH
31 Bobby Hansen , P , WSH
32 Nathan Karns , P , WSH
33 Roberto Perez , SS , WSH
34 Stephen King , SS , WSH
35 Luis Atilano , P , WSH
36 Francisco Soriano , 2B , WSH
37 Leonard Davis , OF , WSH
38 Joel Guzman , 3B , WSH
39 Erik Arnesen , P , WSH
40 Brad Peacock , P , WSH