Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am in 3 different fantasy baseball leagues. Two are extremely deep, 200 man rosters. 24 teams in one, 20 in the other but this is my least complex league and the only one played for money.
For the second consecutive season, I finished 2nd in my dynasty league. Looking back at the original draft, I did pretty well.
It's a 12 team dynasty, $100 entry per year. Head to head points league. 20 man active, 13 reserves, 7 minor leaguers.
Here is my original draft, I had the 1st pick in the snake draft:
1 Albert Pujols (1B STL)
24 Hanley Ramirez (SS FLA)
25 Joe Mauer (C MIN)
48 Ichiro Suzuki (OF SEA)
49 Robinson Cano (2B NYY)
72 C.C. Sabathia (P CLE)
73 Cole Hamels (P PHI)
96 Barry Zito (P SF)
97 Ian Kinsler (2B TEX)
120 Eric Chavez (3B OAK)
121 Nick Markakis (OF BAL)
144 Chien-Ming Wang (P NYY)
145 Adrian Beltre (3B SEA)
168 Tim Lincecum (P SF)
169 Matt Kemp (OF LA)
192 Ryan J. Braun (3B MIL)
193 Mark Prior (P CHC)
216 Willy Taveras (OF COL)
217 Jason Kubel (OF MIN)
240 Ian Stewart (3B COL)
241 Joel Zumaya (P DET)
264 Jonny J. Gomes (DH TB)
265 Wily Mo Pena (OF BOS)
288 Billy Rowell (3B BAL)
289 Felix Pie (OF CHC)
312 Jake Westbrook (P CLE)
313 Kevin Slowey (P MIN)
336 Zack Greinke (P KC)
337 Greg Maddux (P SD)
360 Joel Guzman (3B TB)
361 Sean Rodriguez (SS ANA)
384 Alexi Casilla (2B MIN)
385 Gustavo Chacin (P TOR)
408 Shin-Soo Choo (OF CLE)
409 Kendry Morales (1B ANA)
432 Cedric Hunter (OF SD)
433 Joba Chamberlain (P NYY)
456 Jimmy Barthmaier (P HOU)
457 David Dellucci (OF CLE)
480 Charlie Haeger (P CHW)
481 Hayden Penn (P BAL)
504 Kala Kaaihue (C ATL)
505 Corey C. Hart (OF MIL)
528 Pat Neshek (P MIN)

I have made a few stupid moves, that is for sure. Before the season started I dropped Neshek, Morales, Haeger, Penn, Kaaihue. I also traded Ian Kinsler for Billy Butler....ouch. In May I traded Nick Markakis for Mike Young. Picked up Scott Baker and Placido Polanco off waivers. At this point, I was doing ok, but I wanted to make a run so I traded Zito and Zach Grienke for Carlos Delgado, Trevor Hoffman and Dontelle Willis...boy I regret that one. None of these 3 are on my roster anymore, all cut, and we all know how Grienke is doing. I ended with the 5th best record in the league.
Here comes the good part. In the off-season I made a few trades. I fell for the thought of owning Jay Bruce in a pts league in that park. I traded Pujols, Joba Kemp for Bruce, Vladdy, FMart, Mariano Rivera, Zito and Chase Headley. I did get Pujols back. Later I traded Butler, Headley and Fmart for Pujols and Jeff Clement.
Then, another stupid deal...I traded Ryan Braun and Sean Rodriguez for Lance Berkman.
That off-season I drafted Jason Heyward, Mike Burgess, Chris Tillman, Nick Noonan, Kevin Ahrens and Jordan Walden.
Before the 2008 season, I dropped Eric Chavez for Pedro Feliz. Added Elijah Dukes for Carlos Delgado, dropped Wes Hodges and added Nate McLouth...I'm proud of that pick up.
Later in the season, I gave up on Dontrelle and picked up Aubrey Huff.
I added Michel Ynoa later and in July I traded McLouth for Matt Garza.
I went 48-16 in 2008 and dominated the league but fell flat championship week and finished 2nd.
In the off-season draft I took Buster Posey, Shin Soo Choo(who I had drafted and later dropped) Wilmer Flores, Orlando Hudson, and Andruw Jones. Determined to win it all in 2009 I decided to make more trades to improve my pitching. I should have learned by now. I traded Robinson Cano, Chris Tillman, Ian Stewart, Chien Ming Wand for AJ Burnett and Roy Oswalt. ugg. I also overhauled my minors by adding Martin Perez, Micheal Taylor, Jaff Decker, Matt Moore, Christian Friedrich, Derek Norris, Brett Lawrie, Lon Chisenhall giving up on Jordan Walden, Ynoa, Ced Hunter, Nick Noonan, Jesus Flores and Gio Gonzalez.
The only trade I made this year was when Jay Bruce broke his wrist, I traded him fot BJ Upton.
Again, in 2009 I finished 2nd, oddly enough going 48-16 and again finishing 2nd.
So my question is, what young stud do I trade this year for a crappy old vet?

The main point of this 2007 I had a decent handle on the guys who were going to be future studs like Lincecum, Kemp, Braun, Greinke, Kinsler and took them ahead of other pretty good fantasy players. I just didn't stick with them as I should have.
Maybe this will give confidence to you in what I post here. I hope it does something for you if you are still reading this.
What can I do to finally win it all?

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