Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wagner Mateo's contract voided

I know I'm about a week behind on this story, but it intrigues me.
Wagner Mateo, who I have rated as the 2nd best prospect available in this years international signing period, had his contract voided because he failed his physical. Apparently he has one pre-existing injury and an ongoing injury and they are severe enough to void his deal, that was reportedly $3.1 million.
The information I heard was that he has 20/200 eyesight and 20/30 eyesight with contacts and that is not good enough to be a major league baseball player. This is the ongoing part of the injusy and the pre-existing injury was the damage done by poorly fitting contacts.
I have also heard rumors that some think he is over 16. I have heard the same about Miguel Sano, the top interntional talent this year.
From what I have seen of Mateo, he is a superb talent who is worthy of a high signing bonus. He has a good arm, a sweet swing and a good speed. Worst case scenario, he has 20/30 vision that is not correctable with Lasik and he is 20 years old(I can't see him over 20 with the way he looks). Even with these issues, if I was a big league GM, I would be interested in signing him, whether he has 20/30 eyesight or not. I would probably offer in the $750,000 range and hope for the best.
It will be intersting to see if there is any litigation that follows after this.

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