Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twins sign Miguel Angel Sano for $3.15 million

His deal is contingent on getting a visa to play in the U.S. but his identity has already been confirmed, so I don't see this as a big issue. The big question is if he is 16 or if he is older. This is the question with anyone that size at that age.Shaq, Lebron or even Amobi Okoye were men who were far bigger and more mature than there age suggested. I believe he is 16.
If this deal sticks, it will be the second largest bonus to go to a latin player other then a Cuban. Michel Ynoa's deal last season was the only one that was higer.
He told the AP he hopes that he can reach the majors in 2 years. I think that it will take longer then that and will also have to move off SS to 3B or OF.
He is already 6-3 and 190 lbs, so it may not take long for him to move over to 3rd, but his athleticism is undeniable. From everything I have heard, he is very driven and works hard, but is a jokester and enjoys playing pranks on friends and coaches.
As a Twins fan and living in Minnesota, I am very excited to see the Twins opening the pocket book to sign Kyle Gibson in the draft as well as getting Max Kepler, who may be the best prospect to ever come out of Europe. Now with the signing of Sano, the Twins may put themselves back into the top 10 farm systems in baseball.

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