Sunday, September 6, 2009

Top Cape Cod Prospects

These are strictly statistical ratings using my formula. Scouting reports on some of these guys from BA can be found here:

1 Todd Cunningham
2 Pierre LePage
3 Blake Kelso
4 Gary Brown
5 Alex Hassan
6 Kyle Roller
7 Jackie Bradley
8 Ryan Cuneo
9 Trent Mummey
10 Austin Wates
11 Nick Crawford
12 Chris Bisson
13 Scott Woodward
14 Jedd Gyorko
15 Whit Merrifield
16 Scott Lawson
17 Jordan Casas
18 Jaren Matthews
19 Steve Chatwood
20 Jarrett Parker
21 Chris O'Brien
22 Ryan Lockwood
23 Cody Hawn
24 Riccio Torrez
25 Robert Kral
26 Dean Green
27 Robert Segedin
28 George Springer
29 Johnny Ruettiger
30 Brett Eibner

1 Chris Sale
2 Tyler Lyons
3 Jake Buchanan
4 Jorge Reyes
5 Chad Bell
6 Daniel Tillman
7 Tyler Wilson
8 Jimmy Reyes
9 Justin Grimm
10 Patrick Cooper
11 Casey Gaynor
12 Eric Jokisch
13 Rob Rasmussen
14 Blake Monar
15 Nick Tepesch
16 Caleb Cotham
17 Matt Lujan
18 Kyle Blair
19 Aaron Meade
20 Jay Brown
21 Seth Maness
22 Mike Gipson
23 Logan Billbrough
24 Mark Gormley
25 Mark Pope
26 Elliot Glynn
27 Bryan Morgado
28 Eric Cantrell
29 Taylor Hill
30 Steven Maxwell

I don't love these but it's pretty tough to do a deep statistical analysis on a short season league, but this is what I've got. Let me know what you think.


  1. Wondering what your formula for these rankings was, as a big follower of the league it seems that there were some big oversights on the list. Cox, Workman, and Wimmers to name a few. Anyways, you obviously put some time into this so hopefully you can enlighten me as to what the weighted components were. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to check in!

  2. I use a combination of things, my own mess I came up with. I use K, BB, HA, ER, IP, HRA and Wins for pitchers and R, RBI, BB, AB, K, 3B, SB, TB for hitters. They are turned into scores to calc control, dominance, consistency, power, speed, eye, contact, etc.. I know I use Wins and RBI that could mess up the system because they are not earned simply on a players merits, but they do help to weed out poorer players sometimes.
    Workman got hit kind of hard, but as it looks right now, I have him as a top 15 prospect in next years draft. Cox didn't play enough to draw a good sample size from but looks to be a top 10 pick next year potentially. Wimmers slipped through the cracks. The fact he gave up 2 HR's dropped his value enough to keep him off the list. He looks like a 20-25 overall kind of guy to me. Thanks for pointing these guys out. It may help me improve my system.

  3. Where do you see Lujan going in the draft?