Friday, September 18, 2009

Hak Ju Lee

I just ran the newest version of my ranking system and one man that was near the top of the list, actually 4th, was Hak Ju Lee. He is a bit of a mystery to me but everything I have read says he could be a great SS. He had TJ surgery in the offseason and I have no word on his recovery, but prior to it, he had a great arm and played SS most games this year, so it must be ok. He has 80 speed and has a solid hit tool. That is shown with his .330 avg in SS ball as an 18 yr old this season. He had a .399 obp and had a solid bb/k rate. He didn't hit for great power and his BABIP was high, although it was consistently high. He is one of those guys I have a very strong feeling he'll be a player. I've heard Ichiro comps, Derek Jeter comps, and I guess I don't have anything different. He is one of those guys I have a lot of confidence in. I would suggest picking him up if you are in a dynasty league that has over 10 minor league slots.

If you would like to see him take a few swings head over here:

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