Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aroldis Chapman

MLB has granted cuban defector Aroldis Chapman free agency after he defected and established residency in Andorra, a small country located between Spain and France. It didn't take long for the MLB to declare him a free agent because he had a passport. This also means it is nearly certain that he actually is only 21.
He established residency outside of the U.S. so he could become a free agent and avoid the amateur draft. This allows all MLB teams to bid on him, although many won't.
Recently his agent, Edwin Mejia, recently attended a Yankees-Red Sox game to market his client. The Yankees, Red Sox and Angels, Dodgers are potential fits as Aroldis has said he has some interest in playing in Southern California.
I watched Aroldis at the WBC as he made some of the Aussies look foolish. He struggled with control against Japan, though. His stuff was very impressive. His fastball sits 94-97 with good deception and can run it up to 100 when he needs it. He also has a slider that is from 77-82 which can be pretty nasty. He got a lot of swings and misses and a few called strikeouts. His fastball seems all over the place and his slider is inconsistent but he can hit the corners at times. He leaves his pitches up frequently but most guys can't catch up to them.
In my opinion, he needs a year in AA before he would be ready for the big leagues. I do think he could get out big league hitters right now, but he doesn't have the control to be a consistent starter, nor does he have the composure. He does have the stuff to be a frontline starter.
As for my prognostication, I expect him to be signed a few weeks after the World Series concludes after a few workouts. I have a feeling the Angels are going to land him for a 6 year, 55 million dollar deal. He will struggle if sent directly to the bigs, not at first, but after teams get a read on him.

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  1. Well, I missed a little with the amount he got and his stuff is actually better than I saw.