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2010 Top 150 Prospects - version 1

This is for the 2010 draft. If you are looking for the Top 100 Minor league prospects for the 2010 season click here

Here is a link to my updated top 300 as of 2-11-10

My rank Name POS Schools
1 Bryce Harper C Las Vegas HS
2 Drew Pomeranz LHP Ole Miss
3 Nick Castellanos 3B Archbishop McCarthy HS, FLA
4 Anthony Ranaudo P LSU
5 AJ Cole P Oviedo HS, Orlando
6 Jameson Tallion RHP The Woodlands (Texas) HS
7 Brandon Workman P Texas
8 Christian Colon SS Cal State Fullerton
9 Zack Cox 3B Arkansas
10 Austin Wilson OF Harvard-Westlake HS, CA
11 Stetson Allie P/3B St. Edward HS, Lakewood, Ohio
12 Matt Harvey P UNC
13 Chris Hernandez P Miami
14 Kevin Keyes OF Texas
15 Yasmani Grandal C Miami
16 Chris Sale LHP Florida Gulf Coast
17 Jedd Gyorko 3B West Virginia
18 Brian Ragira OF Martin HS, Arlington
19 Garin Cecchini SS Barbe HS, Lake Charles, La.
20 Bryce Brentz OF Middle Tennessee State
21 Dylan Covey P Maranatha HS, Pasadena, CA
22 Deck McGuire RHP Georgia Tech
23 James Paxton LHP Kentucky
24 DeAndre Smelter P Tattnall Square GA
25 Levon Washington 2B JC
26 Kevin Gausman RHP Grandview HS, Aurora, Calif.
27 Cameron Bedrosian P East Coweta HS, Sharpsburg, GA
28 Josh Osich P Oregon State
29 Zach Alvord SS/2B South Forsyth HS, GA
30 Stefan Sabol C/OF Aliso Niguel HS
31 Victor Sanchez 3B U of San Diego
32 Alex Wimmers P Ohio State
33 Yordy Cabrera SS/RHP Lakeland FL HS
34 Sonny Gray P Vanderbilt
35 Kevin Patterson 1B Auburn
36 Reggie Golden OF Wetumpka ALA
37 Karsten Whitson RHP Chipley HS, Bartow, Fla.
38 Sam Dyson RHP South Carolina
39 Josh Sale OF Bishop Blanchet HS, SEA
40 Trey Griffin OF King HS, Stockbridge, GA
41 Brett Eibner RHP Arkansas
42 Jake Eliopoulos P JC?
43 Josh Spence LHP ASU
44 Sammy Solis P San Diego
45 Chance Ruffin RHP Texas
46 Austin Southall OF/1B Baton Rouge, LA
47 AJ Vanegas P Redwood Christian School, CA
48 Andy Wilkins 1B Arkansas
49 Justin Grimm P Georgia
50 Kevin Ziomek LHP Amherst Regional HS, Amherst, MA
51 Kyle Blair P San Diego
52 Micah Gibbs C LSU
53 Seth Blair RHP Arizona State
54 Tony Wolters SS/2B Rancho Buena Vista HS, Vista, Calif.
55 Austin Wates OF Virginia Tech
56 Bryan Morgado LHP Tennesee
57 Rob Rasmussen LHP UCLA
58 Robbie Aviles P Suffern HS, NY
59 Greg Peavey RHP Oregon State
60 Tyler Lyons LHP Oklahoma State
61 Christian Yelich 1B/OF Westlake HS, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
62 Rick Hague SS Rice
63 Todd Cunningham OF Jacksonville St.
64 Mike Nesseth RHP Nebraska
65 Nathan Foriest LHP Harpeth HS, Kingston Springs, TX
66 Tyrell Jenkins P Henderson, TX
67 Shawn Tolleson RHP Baylor
68 Kris Bryant 3B Bonanza Hs, Las Vegas
69 Tyler Holt OF Florida State
70 Cameron Rupp C Texas
71 Daniel Bibona P UC Irvine
72 Mitch Karraker C U of Oregon
73 Nick Tepesch P Missouri
74 Adam Plutko P
75 Mike Antonio SS/3B Washington HS, New York City
76 Tyler Shreve P East Valley HS, Redlands, Calif.
77 Brian Fletcher OF Auburn
78 Craig Fritsch RHP Baylor
79 Drew Cisco RHP Wando HS, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
80 Justin O' Conner RHP/SS Cowan HS, Muncie, Ind.
81 Kaleb Cowart P/SS Cook County, GA
82 Rob Brantly c UC Riverside*
83 Kevin Jordan OF Northside Columbus HS GA
84 Matt Lipka SS/RHP McKinney (Fla.) HS
85 Blake Forsythe C Tennessee
86 John Gast LHP Florida State
87 Logan Ehlers LHP Nebraska City HS
88 Marcus Littlewood SS Pineview HS, UT
89 Jesus Valdez RHP Oxnard CA
90 Cayle Shambaugh P Jay HS, OK
91 Alex Ramsay C/1B Severna Park Md.
92 Jesse Biddle LHP Germantown School, Philadelphia
93 Zach Lee RHP McKinney (Fla.) HS
94 BJ Guinn 2B Cal
95 Daniel Palka 1B Greer HS, SC
96 Andrew Smith P Roswell GA
97 Jesse Hahn RHP Virginia Tech
98 Kevin Gelinas P Conejo, CA
99 Evan Hudson RHP Bothell HS, Bothwell, WA
100 Evan Rutckyj P St. Joespeh HS, Ontario
101 Angelo Gumbs OF Torrance HS, CA
102 Evan Grills P Simclair SS Ontario
103 Derek Dietrich SS/3B Georgia Tech
104 Joc Pederson OF Palo Alto HS
105 Tanner Robles LHP Oregon State
106 Cody Buckel RHP Royal HS, Simi Valley, Calif.
107 Troy Scott 1B U of Washington
108 Austin Kubitza RHP Colleyville Heritage HS, Texas
109 Michael Botolotti 2B Milton HS
110 Aaron Sanchez P Barstow, HS
111 Hunter Morris 1B Auburn
112 Jarrett Parker of Virginia
113 Josh Rutledge SS Alabama
114 Asher Wojciechowski P The Citadel
115 Colin Walsh 2B Stanford
116 Colby Suggs RHP Sulpher Springs HS, TX
117 Conrad Gregor 1B Carmel HS, IND
118 Jeff Emens RHP Missouri
119 Nick Crawford 2B UAB
120 Chad Lewis 3B Marina HS, Huntington Beach, Calif.
121 Daniel Child P Jesuit HS, Sacramento
122 Kyle Parker OF Clemson
123 Zane Evans C Roswell GA
124 Leon Landry OF LSU
125 Michael Lorenzen RHP/OF Union HS, Fullerton, CA
126 Kevin Jacob P Georgia Tech
127 Peter Tago P Dana Hills Hs, CA
128 Blake Dean OF LSU
129 Mike Olt SS Connecticut
130 AJ Berglund P St. Francis High, CA
131 Deshun Dixon OF/RHP Terry HS, Jackson, Miss
132 Jack Armstrong RHP Vanderbilt
133 Bobby Wahl P West Springfield HS, VA
134 Chavez Clarke OF Marietta GA
135 Jake Thompson RHP Long Beach State
136 Mickey Wiswall 1B Boston College
137 Jack Cole RHP Sahuaro HS, Tucson, AZ
138 Scott Alexander LHP Pepperdine
139 Michael Choice OF Texas-Arlington
140 Cory Hahn OF Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, Calif.
141 Nicholas Frey SS The Woodlands HS, TX
142 Ross Wilson 3B Alabama
143 Pierre LaPage 2B Uconn
144 Hunter May P Hopewell HS
145 Ryan Ford 1B Plano West HS, Texas
146 Jabari Blash OF Miami-Dade CC
147 Drew Vettleson OF Central Kitsap HS
148 James Harris SS Etowah HS, GA
149 Krey Bratsen OF Bryan HS, Texas
150 AJ Griffin P San Diego


  1. #144 Hunter May: I have seen May throw on several occassions. His FB tops 90 combined with a ++CU. He throws strikes and hits his spots while pitching to contact. He will throw the CU at anytime in the count. He is highly projectable at 6'3" 187lbs. with tremendous upside as he just turn 17 on 9/22/09. Whoever takes him will have a gem that will improve any pitching staff.

  2. How do you come up with the list of players to rank and what is your method for putting them in order?

  3. I read anything I can find around the internet about prospects and I try to get a variety of information.
    Baseball America, Perfect Game, and ESPN are where I get most of my info. I don't subscribe to PG or prospect plus, as I don't have the cash flow to do it, but I look all over the web. YouTube has videos of some of these guys. Baseball beginnings is a site I just found that has some info on prospects. Andy Seiler has a great blog and Lincoln over at project prospect has some really good info but is mostly college guys.

  4. What about Eric Arce

  5. I saw Harper at the AFLAC and quite frankly was a bit disappointed.

    As good as he has been touted, you'd think he'd at least get one hit...Secondly, I don't see him as a Catcher down the road.

    Gotta Love the Hype.

  6. Your top 10 is dead on. The OF order is more like;

    3B order;

    SS order;

    Too early to call on P. HS season will dictate further due to health and p velos.

  7. Eric Arce..All I know is he is a C in Georgia and has some power. Good build for a C and has some pop from the left side. Seems to be athletic for his size. Not a top 100 caliber player. Probably not top 100 high schooler but worth tracking.

  8. I think Harper is the real deal, but it was dissappointing to not see him get a hit. I don't think he is enormously ahead of the competition because he will probably end up in the OF, but I still have him as #1.

    Thanks for the comments Ray. I love to hear others ideas. Always makes me take second looks at players. No Machado?

  9. Machado is undoubtedly talented but needs to go to college first. Would like to see him fill out more in coming year. These lists are just a starting point, they will change numerous times as draft approaches.

  10. Yeah, mine has already changed. I think Machado is a mid first round guy and will prove that this spring.

  11. Looking at my OF list I ommitted a major OF prospect - Choice. After his summer and performance at the Mavs scout day he falls Keyes

    P(rough estimate) and C to follow.


    Looks like Baseball America needs to update their 2010 prospects.

  13. Eric Arce was arguably the best hitter at East Cobb this year and that is saying a lot. There are many very good hitters out at the Cobb but all Summer Arce seemed to rise to the top. In Jupiter he won the PerfectGame Bo Jackson 5 Tool best hitter award.

  14. Nice post. I agree that Machado is a mid first round guy. He had an outstanding summer and he will be given 3-5 years to fill out in the minor leagues. Do you have a list for the top 2011 draft kids? What can you tell me about Travis Harrison, Christain Lopes, Eric Synder, Deion Williams, Nick Delmonico

  15. East Cobb guys do have a long line of success. Maybe I am under rating Arce.

    I don't have much info on 2011 guys. I probably won't look at the 2011 draft for a while. Maybe in Spring.

    Working on my overall rankings list right now.

    The prospects plus link doesn't work for me. I'm not a subsciber there. Just can't afford it.

  16. The 2010 kid Arce who now lives in Georgia was at Lakeland High with Yordy Cabrera in Florida. He was the starting catcher for 6A Lakeland and they were ranked as high as #2 in the Nation at one time. He played on the All American Prospects with Cabrera and Castellanos last year and was part of the 2008 WWBA Underclass Championship team with the Prospects and the Mickey Mantle World Series team. He led the AAP team in home-runs and extra base-hits last summer. This year he moved to Georgia and was the MVP of the 18u WWBA with the East Cobb Braves. Perfectgame article said that he led the Braves in homers, rbi's and batting average. I just found out that he had to de-commit from Ga Tech because they would not accept some of his Florida Home-school credits and needed to go to committee for him. He was offered by Florida State and that is where he will sign.

  17. Tyler Austin has been starting since his freshman yr at Heritage high school in Conyers Ga where Trey Griffen played as a freshman and since gone to another school as a sophmore hit 19 homeruns and batted over 600 pretty dang good and coming from a power house program

  18. I saw Arce along with Griffin, and Palka at a workout last week. Griffin seemed to be hitting alright but Arce and Palka went off. I don't think Palka hit any balls inside the right or left field fence in the last two rounds. Arce did the same. They are both lefties with some undoubtable power.

  19. What about Konner Wade? I saw him at the AZ senior classic.

  20. I don't know much about Wade. Sorry. He looks athletic and throws in the upper 80's but that's about all I know. If you've seen him, you know more than me.

  21. The of.1b paulka drops tanks saw him play in atlanta for two weeks hit over 10 hrs

  22. joc pederson is a genuine faggot. terrible kid. worse attitude than athletic ability, and that's saying something. deserves to be on top 100 d-bags.

  23. this is joc and u are a d bag johny i know its you. get a life loser poopy head

  24. When all said and done, Ben Klafczynski will make it

  25. What about Tyler Austin from Heritage High school Conyers Ga.

  26. Tyler Austin is definitely a great player and should be listed as one of the top players, but don't use Trey Griffin as a comparison. Totally different players! and starting for 4 years in HS doesn't mean a thing. Most HS programs are all about politics anyway.

  27. anonymous said...
    The of.1b paulka drops tanks saw him play in atlanta for two weeks hit over 10 hrs

    -saw him in some perfect game events summer 09 Definatly number one guy in sc where is he going to school?

  28. Any thoughts on the Forte kid out of Rockdale?

  29. Nakeem Forte isn't a name on my board. From what I found online, he's a skinny kid with some speed. He has some skill and could be on more radars with a good spring

  30. I think he transferred from Rockdale High to Heritage in Conyers, from what I understand he's a solid player. I also heard that Heritage has an upcoming 10th grader SS/2B that has all the tools, but they are not even playing him. So much for High School ball.

  31. I agree I saw Wade recently against Desert Ridge High School and he can play. He's tall, lean, and athletic. I'd be surprised if he didn't make his way onto this list. Arizona commit if I remember.

  32. What about kellin deglan? top 3 canadian prospect compared to joe mauer. very good and you have like 18th ranked canadians. id say deglan with go top two rounds for sure if has a good hs season he will be top 60 pick

  33. He was #152 on my top 300 found here:
    This was a very early list and it is a work in progress.
    I don't see him as a Mauer type, but he could be a solid catcher with decent offensive skills. I haven't heard how he's doing this spring, but if a team is willing to wait for him to develop, they could take him as high as the 2nd round.

  34. David Bingham,

    Daniel Palka signed with georgia tech. Anyone know if he is still playin qb and baseball next year? seen him play in perfect game atl mlb power


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