Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yankees Draft Report

Slade Heathcott is a guy I don’t have a good feel for. He has a lot of tools but I just can’t get a good feel if he is for real. He has a great arm and could fall back on that if the bat doesn’t work. JR Murphy is a good hitting HS catcher, plus defender, strong arm, but he has the HS catcher thing working against him. Adam Warren and Caleb Cotham are college arms that don’t seem to be special to me. Rob Lylerly has a smooth LH bat at 3B with decent gap power. He won’t be a star but could be a serviceable 3B. Sam Elam and Gavin Brooks are LHP with a lot of potential but have been hampered with injuries and control problems. Brooks was a premium prospect coming out of HS, but did little at UCLA to back that up. I like Neil Medchill a lot and think he can be a RF with big time power. DeAngelo Mack could be a useful 4th OF. Graham Stoneburner is a higher talent than the 14th round and has a big arm. He could be a useful setup man. The Yanks must be high on Bryan Mitchell, but he didn’t come off as an $800k kind of player to me. Luke Murton and Jeff Farnham are good polished college guys with minimal upside. Evan DeLuca seems like a HS version of Elam and Brooks. A power LHP, can never have enough of those.

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