Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red Sox draft report

Reymond Fuentes would not have been my choice at #28, but he seems to be holding his own in Rookie ball. He’s a small guy with a lot of speed but I just don’t see him as a MLB starter. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Not that high on Alex Wilson in the 2nd either. He’ll be a decent reliever, but that’s not what I’d go for in round 2. I like David Renfroe in the 3rd and prefer him as a 3B to on the mound. Jeremy Hazelbaker and Seth Schwindenhammer could both end up as busts and both are struggling making contact early on. I really like Kendall Volz and he has 1st round caliber stuff. Brandon Jacobs is built like a rock and could end up as a LF with plus power. Renny Parthemore could be a steal if he can work out some of his mechanical flaws. He should have a plus CB and could have a mid 90’s FB. Alex Hassan is a 20th rounder that also has a lot of potential. Miles Head was another great late round signing and could be a great contributor if he hits the weight room and even more valuable if he can be a Catcher. I did not like the way the Red Sox started their draft, but I like the over-slot signings later in the draft. It could end up being a great draft or a draft filled with busts. A lot of tools here, not much for skills yet.

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