Sunday, August 30, 2009

Minnesota Twins

Kyle Gibson could be one the top 4 prospects in this draft right now. There are guys with higher ceilings, but few that have the polish and the stuff. The Twins should be thankful for that stress fracture. Matt Bashore has similar stuff to Glen Perkins, who was drafted by the Twins a few years back. Low to mid 90’s FB with a decent change and a good breaking ball. Billy Bullock could be a replacement for Joe Nathan in a couple years. He has great secondary stuff and can hit the high 90’s when needed. He does need to use his 6’6” frame better. Derek McCallum had a breakout season for the hometown Gophers this year. I hope he can turn into a hard nosed Todd Walker with a lot less attitude. I hear Chase Utley comps, but I can’t see that. Tobais Streich and Chris Herrmann are college catchers who are decent defensive players. Herrmann is a better offensive player but probably will move to the OF in the pros. Streich can’t hit as well but is a better defender. I’m not sure what happened to Brad Stillings toward the end of the season, but he did very well at the start of the season and I think that is more of who he is. I think he is a top 3 round kind of guy and will be a good prospect in the Twins system. Brian Dozier is a second baseman in the long run and will struggle to be more than organizational depth. Nick Lockwood is an interesting pick in the 10th. He hit only .386 in HS and had a lot of errors. I don’t think he can stick at SS and will need time to develop. Blake Dean would have been a nice sign. Matt Tone could be a useful loogy. Nick Freitas has a lot of upside and is loaded with tools. Eric Decker and Aaron Senne would have made this a really, really great draft.

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