Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyle Gibson

Slot for the #22 pick is $1.287 Mil and the Twins have yet to go over slot. I would guess Gibson is looking for in the neighborhood of 2.25-2.5 mil.
If the Twins don’t get it done, they will have let a potential ace go for less than what they paid Carl Pavano for the last 2 months of a season in which they probably won’t make the playoffs. That is not how to build from a farm system, that is just plain POOR management.
They went over slot for Jeff Manship, who recently made his big league debut, in 2006, giving the 14th round pick a $500,000 bonus. Maybe the fact that going over slot has worked for them will make them realize it’s worth it for an elite talent.
They did get Matt Bashore and Billy Bullock with their other 1st round picks and have signed them. Ben Tootle in the 3rd and Brad Stillings in the 7th were both top 2 round talents.
Maybe the Twins feel that is enough to make this draft a success but walking away from Gibson is a huge mistake when the difference is less than what you are paying Pavano or Orland Cabrera for the rest of the season.

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