Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kansas City Royals

Just pay Aaron Crow and get on with it! Wil Myers is a good athlete with upside. I think he will be a good pro and has a shot to be an impact player in the Bigs. Chris Dwyer has good stuff and got paid big time. I don’t see him as a good big league pitcher. Just a feeling I have. Louis Coleman will be a good MLB reliever. Cole White and Dusty Odenbach are college relievers that I’m not real high on. I like Buddy Baumann and I think he will be a decent LH starter because he knows how to pitch. Ben Theriot is a good C defensively and can hit for average. Minimal power though. I think Geoff Baldwin is a sleeper here. If he can cut down on the K’s, he could be a very good ball player. Ryan Woods is new to pitching, but could be a useful bullpen arm. Nick Wooley has a good curve, not much else. I can’t explain 450K to Crawford Simmons, 100K maybe. Claudio Bavera is the best pick I can find past round 12. Ryan Dennick, Scott Kelley and Brian Peacock are college arms who could also make it to AA or higher.


  1. Simmons was signed as a 2 sport athlete (Golf), allowing the $450K to be spread over 4 seasons. He has also shown command of 3 pitches.

  2. hmmm...I think that's the first time I've heard about the 2 sport rule with golf. Thanks for the info.