Sunday, August 30, 2009

Detroit Tigers

Jacob Turner is a top high school arm. I don’t see him as being another Porcello, but he could be a top half of the rotation guy with consistency of all 3 of his pitches. That may be understating it and could see him as a Chris Tillman kind of guy. Andrew Oliver has had an interesting collegiate career. He has a strong fastball/ cutter combo. If his curve and change develop he could be a good starter. At worst, he’s a solid reliever. Wade Gaynor is a big guy at 6’4”, 220ish. He hit horribly in his pro debut and needs to quiet down his mechanics before he will have any chance in the pros. Edwin Gomez had a bad spring, followed by a bad summer. He was a bad 4th round pick. Austin Wood could be a good pitcher as long as his arm doesn’t fall off from overuse. He will be a useful reliever. Daniel Fields has good bloodlines, good speed and power. He is a local kid and is the 2nd best pick the Tigers had and will be a steal if he can stay at SS. Jaime Johnson has the tools to be a big leaguer. I see him as a good defensive 4th OF’er. Craig Fritsch could be a decent pitcher if he can gain his command and will get the opportunity to be a top 3 round guy next season. John Murrian is a decent throwing C and had a good season in SS ball with the stick. Chris Sedon gets compared to Jim Negrych a lot because he’s a 2B from Pitt. I really like Negrych, I don’t like Sedon as much. Matt Thompson and Mark Appel would have put this draft over the top. Wade Kapteyn is a solid college arm, who has potential. James Robbins is a short guy for a 1B, but has a hell of a bat. I like him. Rawley Bishop could be a useful bat.

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