Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cleveland Indians

Alex White at 15 overall is a bargain. He could be a top starter if all goes right for him. At worst, he will be a bullpen arm, even a closer. I like him. Jason Kipnis could be a useful LF or a 4th OF, at worst. Joe Garner could be a great innings eater as a 3rd starter. Kyle Bellows intrigues me and reminds of another 3B in the CLE system in Wes Hodges. Bellows may have a little more speed and more likely to stick at 3B than Hodges. Austin Adams has a big arm, but is raw. He will need time. Ben Carlson is a polished college bat. I like this pick in the 6th. I’m not a fan of Henry, but he does have great speed and could be a good 4th OF’er. Maybe he will develop power and be a good pro but I’m not seeing it. Cory Burns could move quickly as a middle reliever/setup man with his sidearm delivery. I like Preston Guilmet in the 9th. He could have top 3 round potential with good command of his upper 80’s FB with a plus slider and plus splitter. Brett Brach did a great job in SS this season. He is someone to watch to see if hitters at higher levels catch up to him. I have a feeling they will, but he could end up being a good back end of the rotation guy. Mike Rayl is a great pick in the 15th. I have a feeling he will be around for a while. He’s a LHP and can get guys out. Dwight Childs could be a big league backup because of his defense. He could be a regular if he can hit. Nick Kirk is another lefty who could be around for a while. He has good stuff, just had an injury this spring to drop him 10 rounds further than he should have went. Kyle Smith has a load of potential, but I’m not sure if he can attain it. If he could gain consistency, he could have top 5 round potential with a plus breaking ball. Greg Folgia was a good late round signing and could be a good 2B in pro ball.

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