Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox
Jared Mitchell could be a great pick at 23. I’m not sold on him, but if can refine his raw tools, he could be a left handed Shannon Stewart in his prime. Josh Phegley is a little confusing for me. He can hit, but will it carry over to pro ball? He is not a great receiver but has a strong arm. He could develop into a Mike Napoli type or have to move to 1B and not hit enough to be a regular. That’s not a lot of encouraging praise, but I do like him. Trayce Thompson is a good athlete with a lot of potential. My recommendation to the Sox is to not worry about the K’s and be very patient and ignore his next two seasons K rate and expect him to have his first good season in 2012. Hopefully he can take the mental rigors of this. David Holmberg is a very nice pick. He is a polished 3 pitch pitcher and could move quickly for a HS kid.
Kinda surprised to see Bryan Morgado go back to Tennesee after the poor season they had as a team. He projects to be a reliever with his current skill set. Matt Heidenreich has a big arm and is very raw. Kyle Bellamy = Danny Graves. Justin Collop has decent upside but I’m not that high on him. I like Ryan Buch, although he has had a horrendous debut. He could be a second round talent if he can harness his skills. Matthew Hopps is old for a prospect. He will need to do well right away to be a prospect. He may end up being a solid bullpen arm down the line. Dane Williams and Brian Goodwin could have made this draft a top draft. AJ Casario could be a late round steal if he cleans up his hitting mechanics.

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