Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blue Jays Draft Report

Chad Jenkins looks to be a big innings eater in the mold of Boof Bonser, only better. They didn’t sign James Paxton, Jake Eliopoulos, Jake Barrett which is confusing to me. I really like the Jake Marisnick signing. I think he could be a 1st round talent if he can hit. He has all the tools, he just has to put them together. Ryan Goins has a solid swing and should be an offensive 2B in the pros. Ryan Schimpf is just 5-9 but hits like he’s a lot bigger. The Pedroia comps are everywhere but I’ll go with a right handed Todd Walker. KC Hobson has big power and if he can convert it to games will be well worth the 500K he got as a bonus. Egan Smith is a big lefty with an upper 80’s FB. He should have went 5 rounds later in my opinion. Brian Slover is a big righty. The Jays seemed to want to load up on big-bodied arms in this draft. Aaron Loup is an undersized lefty with good control, maybe too good, as he was hit hard at Tulane this year and it has continued in the GCL. Yan Gomes and Sean Ochinko are decent C prospects. Gomes has a better bat and Ochinko has better D. Lance Durham is the son of Leon Durham and has huge raw power. He is under 6 feet and well over 225 lbs. He could be a decent bat if he improves his eye and lays off offspeed stuff he can’t hit. Drew Hutchinson was a big bonus guy and I’m not quite sure why. He did have 106 K’s in 60.2 IP, with a 1.73 ERA for Lakeland HS and was a third team all-american. Nothing that blows me away, but I’m not a scout. Daniel Webb was also another big bonus guy who has a low 90’s FB and nothing else really. Jack Murphy could be a sleeper and I think was a good late round sign.

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