Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draft Day!

I am mad Dish Network doesn't have MLB network, but I listened to some of the draft on MLB.com when I wasn't working on the new bathroom in the basement.
Sanchez at 4 was a bit of a surprise. I guess the Bucs are trying to make up for passing on a little known polished Catcher from a few years back..at least they got a stud pitcher instead, oh wait.
Well, maybe this will make up for it as I do think Sanchez is underrated and has a chance to be a solid big league hitter.
Hobgood reminds me a bit of Tillman going to the O's. I would have thought he might have made it to them in round 2, but he probably would have went in the early 20's and maybe the O's didn't want to take the chance, but I see it as an overdraft.
Mike Minor breaks from the Bravos mold a little but I see him as a solid big league pitcher, as good as a #2 potentially.
Drew Storen was a solid #10 pick to compliment the obvious Strasburg pick. He could end up closing for the Nats as soon as next year some time or join Stras in the rotation.
I like Grant Green to the A's. Another version of Bobby Crosby, maybe v.2 will be better.
As a Twins fan, I'm a bit dissappointed in the Gibson pick, but I'm also excited. I'm upset because I'm afraid this will be another college guy whose arm is wore out but he may have the upside of a #1 starter if he's healthy.
I love Levon Washington to Tampa Bay. Looks like they'll keep adding to their prospect stockpile.
Tim Wheeler to Colorado could work out very well, as he could be a star in that park.
Steve Baron at #33 was expected as Seattle had been working on a pre draft deal. I think I heard Jeff Clement just utter an expletive.
I love Arizona's draft so far. Hard not to with 7 picks in the first 2 rounds but Borchering, Pollock, Davidson and Krauss would have been enough for me besides the others.
I love Kentrail Davis to Milwaukee. I think you know how I feel about him.
Tanner Scheppers at 44...wow. I don't think anybody saw that slide, but he should sign fast as he has nothing to hold out for. Not saying that's what will happen, I'm just saying that's what he should do.
Kind of surprised to see Robert Stock go as a catcher, but I'm not ready to dismiss his skills as an everyday player. I think the Cards just need to be a little patient with him.
I'm glad Mychal Givens went as a pitcher, as I don't think he could cut it as a SS.
I'm really dissappointed to see that Max Stassi is still out there but Kentrail going as high as he did and to a team I like in the Brewers makes me happy.
Of the top 100 prospect I posted, 62 of them were taken in the top 100. That is 8 players less than I was shooting for. It's a good learning experience and maybe I can do better next time. Comparatively, BA got 72 of their top 100.

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